5 Ways to Achieve Rest: Refreshing Your Spirit In Christ


I hope you’ll pull up a chair and a warm cup of tea and join me as we unpack some simple ways to refresh our spirits & renew ourselves in Jesus. Feel free to grab your Bible as well, I always like having mine close by so you can read what Scripture has to say as we uncover truths about REST.

One of the greatest ways that the enemy hinders our walk is to keep us chronically tired and eventually rendered ineffective. What makes chronic exhaustion so dangerous is it is elusive and so easily creeps up on us. When it does, we usually crack and at the very least, find ourselves spending less time in The Word and more time snapping at or judging those we love. You simply can’t pour from a tired and empty bucket.

The enemy is patient in his tactics to distract you and inevitably cause you to become downright exhausted. If he can pour a slow & steady drip of distractions and busyness into your life little by little each day, he can ‘exhaust’ you. An exhausted, tired and frustrated Woman of God is a lot less effective than a well rested, rejuvenated and energetic Woman of God. 


It is so common in this day and age we live in to see people running around so full of stress, feverishly trying to get it ‘all in’ before the day is done and ultimately, feeling (more often than not) like you got a whole lot of nothing done! People who are drained, exhausted, frustrated, bitter and INEFFECTIVE. Does this sound like you? Have you found yourself dealing with feelings of frustration or anger and unsure of where they are stemming from?

My bet is this, you’re tired and in need of rest. So simple, yet so powerful in the Kingdom. A rested Woman of God is free to think clearly, act profoundly and stay the course set for her. Rest is the fuel that ignites our passion, provides the stillness to hear The Lord speak to us and the drive & momentum to carry out your own unique and special calling. There is a lot of fruit that is produced from a rest filled person and as a result you can bet that the enemy is going to do his part to keep you worn out and feeling tattered.

Sometimes, getting away from it all may seem impossible. I understand busy households, careers and motherhood are a real thing. We will all have Seasons of ‘busy’ times in our lives. While you can’t always eliminate these, you CAN begin to apply these practical principles to build in time for REST and time with Jesus. Let’s unpack some principles of rest together as well as what Scripture has to say.

  1. Sometimes It’s Just a Little ‘Corner Nook’ That Allows You to Breath. Maybe you have a small closet to get away for a few minutes to quiet your sprit and get in prayer. Your very own makeshift War Room. Maybe it’s just a corner of your bedroom room with a cozy blanket and pillow where you can sit before The Lord and pray. Even for minutes at a time! He is faithful to honor your coming to rest at His feet. Rest doesn’t have to always look like an elaborate vacation in the Mountains (ahhhhh, bliss, I know) and can be something far less fussy. It can simply be a few moments tucked away to talk to Jesus and allow Him to fill you with His supernatural rest. Matthew 11:28 says ‘Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest’. Notice Jesus says “Come to ME”. This means you don’t need the vacation, hotel room or getaway to get rest. You simply need a little time with Jesus.
  2. It Is Ok to Shut Off. I am a business woman. I love what I do and I engage with it fully! I get to interact with so many people and it is such a blessing and joy. I have been doing this for over a decade now and I had to really learn that a rested spirit  is ESSENTIAL to success and productivity. The same goes for our Spiritual walk and specific ‘God ordained’ calling on our lives. You can shut off the laptop and phone. Trust me, it may be hard but the technology will be there and the texts can wait. Your sanity cannot. You need this time to be free of the constant stimulation that relentlessly begs your attention and doesn’t allow your mind to rest. Do some research on how many images/thoughts the average mind has to process today and you’ll find it’s astounding! Shutting off is a simple way to rest your mind and in turn, focus your mind on The One who knows His plan for you. Isaiah 26:3 says ‘You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you’. I adore this! Our minds must be steadfastly focused on Him and He will give us peace and rest. Sometimes, to focus on Him, we MUST take our focus off of other things.
  3. Make Time For Friendship. Nothing can rejuvenate a spirit like a little break over tea or coffee with a good friend. Are you connected with a group that refreshes you and pours into you? People that you can share life with and just laugh with? Alex and I recently got plugged into our Sunday School class and it has been amazing and fun! It is restful to the spirit to get together with likeminded friends who love Jesus. It may even be you and your spouse getting away for a little coffee or lunch date to refresh each others spirits and talk about something other than work, bills or other distractions. Coming together as a couple who loves & seeks after The Lord is a powerful thing that will yield powerful results.couples_custom-3996af8a46ada69f0c7d4b33fd8eaa380161d6d8-s900-c85
  4. When You Vacation, VACATION. I can’t tell you how many families go on vacation only to have someone (does this sound like you?) mindlessly glued to their phones. When you rest or go on vacation, it is important to really unplug and have fun! Take in the sites, sounds (or lack thereof) and truly get away from the hectic day to day pace. One of the greatest things we’ve sacrificed in our era is our time away. It is not uncommon to see people pack in 40+ hour work weeks, feel bad taking any PTO or vacation time and then, work themselves through the weekend. Phones never stop ringing, texts keep buzzing incessantly. It is a constant state of ‘being on’ and trust me when I tell you, it is taking it’s toll on the body of Christ. You need this time to refuel so you can pour out more effectively. Get away and set your away email and texts to reflect your departure and return date. I promise you, the world will be still be there waiting when you get back. I too, had to learn this. Now, I take a 2 week vacation each year over Christmas and this is the time where I really REST. My best ideas flow (The Lord birthed the vision for LWLC during this special time in 2016), my body rejuvenates and I come back stronger and more empowered to serve those The Lord places in my life. I also don’t feel bad about it. Don’t feel bad about something The Lord deemed essential enough to place in The Word.
  5. Prayer and The Word. I saved the best for last. Prayer and The Word are two things that supernaturally can turn a day around and provide rest within a short moment. Do you utilize these powerful tools in your life? Take time to properly start your day with a rested mind. Seek The Lord FIRST and not last. Give Him your best and not your crumbs. Even if 15 minutes, get started on the right foot by talking to Jesus and reading His Word. Philippians 4:6-7 says ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7) And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


These 5 simple principles of rest will provide fresh ideas for you to seek the rejuvenation you need to Honor Jesus well and to rest your mind and body. Whether a five minute ‘cozy nook’ refuel or a two week hiatus, the key is to build in rest were you can and when you can. You must choose to make rest a priority in your life.

Remember, we are human. We get tired and worn out and it is ok to get alone before Jesus and to really shut off when we need to shut off. This is not something you need to feel bad about and if anything, remember this, a tired Christian can be rendered ineffective. What our World needs is fully rested, effective and energetic Christians living out (boldly!) our calling on this Earth. Rest ‘refuels’ what the enemy tries to steal from us. 

Here is to spending time with Jesus and allowing Him to bring you rest like only He can.


Ashley Poptodorova

Founder, Ladies Who Love Christ




One thought on “5 Ways to Achieve Rest: Refreshing Your Spirit In Christ

  1. Joan Page says:

    Ashley, this was a great and very useful post . I know none of us at LWLC want to be rendered ineffective by the enemy!!! I hope we will all, including myself, take time for rest , so that we can be strong and influential women for The Lord!

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