A ‘Surrendered’ Heart & Flourishing Faith.


Surrender. Just the thought of this word makes some people run for the hills for fear of letting go of control. The thought of ‘surrendering’ oneself to anything is foreign in this World that promotes self-control, self-advancement, self-esteem and all other forms of “self”.

This is a World that celebrates and advocates advancement through the “self” CONTROL of our lives, patterns, careers etc. It is a thought pattern that falsely sets us up to believe we can determine and set the course of our futures. That if we only work hard enough, long enough or more diligently, we can pursue & conquer our own (very limited) dreams. 

As a Christian, we hold true to different patterns and precepts that are thought out, lived for and mandated by Jesus Christ. We can rest assured that SURRENDER is far more beautiful, bold, unashamed & courageous than that which the world paints it to be.

Surrender is faithfully stepping out and trusting that God knows His plan for our lives (and knows it well) so that we can be diligent in our work for Him, pursuance OF HIM and love those He has placed in our lives, while leaving the outcome to Him. 

This most beautiful display of faith means surrendering our lives, our WILL and our flesh to The One who made it all and who knew our VERY purpose long before we were even created in our Mothers womb. Ephesians 1:4 says ‘Even before He made the world, God loved us and CHOSE us to be holy & without fault in His eyes’.

He willingly chose us to live out our lives for Him and to live for Him means to surrender to Him. To surrender to The One that chooses to look at YOU and me through the lens of Jesus Christ. He is our Rescuer. Our Redeemer. Our Solid ROCK.

Knowing this truth, we can lay down our need to control our lives. You see, He knows how each and every choice, decision, action (all of it!) adds up to the greater fabric of our lives. True surrender in Jesus Christ enables Him to complete the fullness of the work He chose and set out for YOU, through you. 

What does surrender look like more specifically in the life of a Believer? 

  • Release the Need to Control the Outcomes of Your Circumstances. Do what you know to do: PRAY, spend time with Jesus, get in The Word daily but ultimately, leave the outcomes of your life and circumstances to Him and Him alone. This requires a courageous faith and He will supply your needs in perfect measure!
  • Surrender Your Thoughts to Him. Our minds truly are a battlefield and it is up to us to CHOOSE to think thoughts that honor our King well, thoughts that produce good fruits in our lives and allow us to receive the riches of our obedience to Him. Ephesians 4:22-23 ‘You were taught with your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by it’s deceitful desires, to be made new’. 
  • Choose to Spend Time with Him in Place of Worldly Pleasures. When we actively PARTICIPATE in conversation (prayer) with The Lord and we meditate on The Word, we are feeding on the very food needed to nourish our souls. The Word of God will reassure us, direct us, lead us and empower us to surrender to His highest calling for our lives. How many times do you forgo time with Jesus for things that will produce no lasting fruit in your life? Even worse, things that will not help you to GROW in your relationship with Jesus and are in direct opposition to the truths we know?

We live in a world where we must model our faith and model our surrendering hearts. For only when we truly surrender can we experience (and share) the deepest most intense LOVE we will ever know.

My hearts burning desire is that you be unashamed of your faith and know that the level to which you faith grows is measured only by the level to which you are willing to surrender.

It is beautiful. Bold. Courageous. Exciting. Surrender is an outward sign of an inner faith that burns with a desire to please Him and to honor Him well. As your ‘surrendering heart’ grows so in turn does your FAITH. May you live your life in full surrender to The One who gave it all. 


Ashley Poptodorova

Ladies Who Love Christ (LWLC)





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