A Letter Sharing the Heart of Ladies Who Love Christ Ministries.

A message to our sweet Ladies in full transparency sharing my heart in this Ministry.

In Ministry, I’ve experienced people getting upset that I am not providing the answers they seek. I’ve had expectations placed on me that I can never fulfill. No one can ever fulfill the answers you seek in your life but CHRIST Himself. (Read that again).

ONLY Jesus Christ through His Word & through YOU doing the work to build intimacy with Him can provide you these answers! Not me, not our leaders; not any other HUMAN.
Only J E S U S. 💯

We can direct you in His Word, teach His Word, point you to the saving relationship that is in Christ Jesus but a human being can never ever fulfill the deepest longing you have in your soul! This gaping hole is one that only the precious love of Christ can fill in your life!
Wrestling out life with Christ through prayer, quiet time and seeking to truly learn His Word on your own is something no one (NO ONE) can do for you!

There is personal responsibility here.

We love you. Yes. We pray for you. Yes. We care for you. Yes. We can answer questions. Yes. We can teach The Word. Yes.

👉 What we cannot do, sweet Lady, is fill a gap that only CHRIST can fill so I pray for you to get fervent, hungry and seeking of His precious face. This is the heart of our Ministry. To get you excited about growing in Christ and not following people.

We love you & we know that there is true lasting & eternal freedom in Christ. It doesn’t come from relying on HUMANS but in J E S U S Himself.
All we do in Ministry will be directed towards getting you to the place of JESUS above all else, before all else.
Thank you for allowing me to clarify.

Ashley Poptodorova
Founder, Ladies Who Love Christ Ministries

2 thoughts on “A Letter Sharing the Heart of Ladies Who Love Christ Ministries.

  1. Donna says:

    This is so true. Ty Ashley for giving us all the things God lays on your heart to do. I for one really appreciate you following God’s lead. I love the studies, podcasts. But it is up to us individually to have a relationship with God on our own for answers. Ty again for following God and encouraging the rest of us to do the same.

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