Kickoff of #GrowGirl Gatherings: ‘LWLC’ In-Person Bible Studies Now Meeting Worldwide.

AHHH! So excited to be posting this exciting news. The Lord is on the move again at Ladies Who Love Christ Ministries! He is so good and worthy! I stand amazed at what He has done in the short time since He has birthed this Ministry. We held our 2nd Annual Conference in May of this year at Piedmont Church in ATL & will be holding our Fall Conference in Livingston, LA at Bethel Baptist Church. Mark your calendars too! Our next years Atlanta Conference is scheduled for April 18th, 2020 at Piedmont Church, we would love to have you there with us. 🙂

I am careful in Ministry not to ‘think up’ what I believe we should be doing but rather, remain sensitive to what it is Jesus wants for us. This is everything and truly, so exciting! Life with Jesus is exciting! He continues to just surprise me, amaze me and really… just keep me in a state of awe.


Not long ago, I felt The Lord calling me to take our ‘online Bible Studies’ which are year round & create fun ‘Grow Girl Gatherings’ for women to press in, learn & grow and to build new Christ centered friendships. I didn’t know exactly what this would look like but little by little, He showed me the way!

We now offer our bi-monthly (in person) Bible Study meet up gatherings all over the world and recently kicked off our GrowGirl Gathering in Roswell, GA! Our next one is being held in Amarillo, TX and then we will have groups meeting bi-monthly. I am writing these Bible Studies to dive deep into God’s Word and truth. We will cover the tough topics, the hard questions and we will lovingly open The Word to hear what it is Jesus wants to speak to us.

This last Grow Girl Gathering in Roswell was a blast! We dug into ‘Biblical Foundations: Building Unshakeable Truth into Your Life’ and we discussed God’s Word, the importance of not adding to or taking away from it and we discussed God’s character. We enjoyed yummy snacks, I threw in some fun giveaways and we (most importantly) spent time opening The Word and in prayer. God is so good. He is so worthy. He made a way where there was no other way!

We hope you will continue to plug in here as well as visit our Bible Study Group online (the link is posted to the top of this site) and join us! We have Christ centered friendships being formed all over the world. If you have questions or would like to join in any future gatherings, reach out to me! I would love to plug you in and help you #growgirl! 🙂

Enjoy some of the pics from our last Gathering and we look forward to seeing you either in person or around our AMAZING Bible Study group and Ministry online.


Ashley Poptodorova

Founder, Ladies Who Love Christ Ministries

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