3 Simple Ways to Achieve Godly Contentment.


Hello lovely Ladies!

I hope this blog finds you enjoying a lovely week. A week and a half ago I did a video on contentment in our Bible Study/Ministry Group and I wanted to share with you some of the things I mentioned.

These 3 things will help to change the way you look at your daily walk and will highlight what really matters in life. As ‘Ladies Who Love Christ’ we have to really hone in on these things as life is short. We must be effective for Christ in the time we have been given. I have personally employed these ‘habits’ in my life and what a difference it makes!

Today’s world says that you must attain the status, image, profession, financial status or “fill in the blank” to be successful. Very little emphasis is put on simply being pleased with where we are or where The Lord has us. I once fell into this trap of living an imbalanced life that was not honoring The Lord well because I was so ‘caught up’ trying to ‘keep up’.

I hope you will take these truths and open The Word. Bring your struggles to The Lord and ask Him to show you what matters most. I am certain that not only will you achieve a life of contentment but you will produce far greater gains for the Kingdom of Christ as a result of focusing on what DOES matter most.

First, to break the ‘comparison trap’ and achieve a life of Godly contentment, you must take an account of what you read, watch & listen to. I learned the hard way that you what you listen to, you buy into. It is so easy to read books, magazines, watch TV that bombards you with the latest reminders of what you don’t have or listen to songs that fill your mind with worthlessness. To really be content, you have to start by realizing how powerful the mind is that God gave you & that YOU (yes, YOU) have a choice what you allow in to that mind. I personally gave up TV well over a decade ago and switched this time for reading good books, Commentaries and Bible Studies. I no longer allow filth in and as a result, good things come out (simply put).

The second thing you can do to achieve contentment is to make a GRATITUDE list of all the things you have to be grateful for. So simple, yet so very powerful! You see, if you are not doing the first thing (above) you will always be bombarded with what you don’t have and focused on where you are ‘not’. Making a gratitude list helps chance your focus and perspective to all of Gods blessings in your life. Simple things like your home, bed, food, car and clothing provide AMPLE room to be GRATEFUL. So many people miss where they ARE (and where The Lord has them) because they are so focused on where they are NOT. I fully believe that you miss out on a lot of Gods best (and most unexpected) blessings this way.

My third and final little tip for achieving a life of Godly contentment is to realize that your circle of friends become your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE. If you surround yourself with those who live worldly, act worldly and do not have any interest in living a Godly life, you will follow these patterns yourself. So many people assume that they can ‘change’ others and simply put…. you cannot. Chances are, you will be the one changed by the influence of others. Seek to develop a close circle of friends who encourage you in Christ and who challenge you to live a Godly life.

Proverbs 13:20 says ‘He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm’.


Seek to honor God in all you do. Be grateful for the life He has given you and yes, even the struggles. Some of my greatest qualities and attributes have sprung up from the trials of my life.

Blessings & Contentment,

Ashley Poptodorova

Founder, Ladies Who Love Christ


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