Introducing the BRAND NEW ‘Ladies Who Love Christ’ Podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud & Stitcher.


‘Ladies Who Love Christ’ is so excited to announce that we have launched our BRAND NEW Podcast! Our Podcast is available on Apple iTunes, SoundCloud & Stitcher just by searching for ‘Ladies Who Love Christ’.

It is our hopes during this podcast to encourage and equip you to draw nearer to Jesus. Building intimacy with Christ is the highest calling on our lives and should hold a high priority in our lives. LWLC will offer up tips, tools and encouraging episodes to help you develop and strengthen your walk with Christ.

In our first few episodes we shared 3 Practical Ways to Grow in Your Relationship with Christ as well as an episode dedicated to our recommended resources such as Study Bibles, Commentaries, Apps and Devotionals.

Our next 3 part series will maintain focus on ‘Building a Strong Godly Marriage’ and the different aspects needed to do so. We will go to Scripture, study truths together and uncover what Jesus says about our marriages. We hope you will tune in!

Podcasts are a great way to make use of that ‘extra’ drive time, cleaning time etc. Just pull up the LWLC Podcast and listen while you drive or work!

Here is a link to find us on iTunes:



Find us on Stitcher:

Ladies Who Love Christ is so happy to have you here! Whether you follow our podcast, read our blog or join our private group on Facebook to join in our live Online Bible Studies, we hope you are encouraged. We hope your heart is encouraged. We hope that you seek Jesus before all else. He sees you, loves you, chose you and wants to grow in an intimate RELATIONSHIP with you.


Ashley Poptodorova





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