God never uses anyone greatly until He tests them deeply- A.W. Tozer


I absolutely LOVE this quote. It is one of my favorites so I felt compelled to expand on it a little more and share what it means to me.

So many times in my life I felt tested and tried. During those times, I could not always see the “light” or the purpose behind the pain. At others times in my life, I wondered how I would ever overcome and if healing was truly possible. I think this is human nature to doubt our circumstances and wonder if we will ever get through it. We tend to worry, overanalyze and fear.

Yet, looking back on many of the life experiences (and lessons) of my own life, I know one thing to be true. God is ALWAYS in the midst of our best (and yes, our worst) times. There WILL always be times in life that are tougher to endure but these are usually the times that teach us the GREATEST lessons and develop our reliance on Christ.

If I could look back and speak to myself as a young adult I would tell myself this: look to God for answers and include Him in ALL parts of your life. Face the challenges not on your own but WITH Him. Look for the “golden” nugget in each circumstance and put away the valuable lessons learned.

It is amazing what God will reveal to us and the GROWTH that can transpire from our pain.

We tend to do one of two things when tough times hit: we either press into God OR we push Him away and try to handle things on our own. What and how you handle the tough times will determine your level of influence, growth and IMPACT in this world.

Remember, God can never use anyone greatly until He tests them deeply. I encourage you to hold on and know that good will come of what hurts you in this moment.

2 thoughts on “God never uses anyone greatly until He tests them deeply- A.W. Tozer

  1. Allison Pugmire says:

    I love this! The people who present a perfect story I find I cannot relate to at all. But the ones that are fighting, are overcoming, are putting themselves out there, those are the stories I want to hear and I am touched by and want to be a part of!

    • memkoh says:

      Nicely put, Allison. “The people who present a perfect story I find I cannot relate to at all.”
      No one has a perfect story but people try to cajole themselves to believe it is possible to live without struggles.
      This was a great article, Miss P31Chick

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