Christ the Equipper.

I have learned many lessons in my life. From a little girl until now, it has been a journey, one filled with many tears & not always understanding, a journey that I wouldn't change for anything. So many times I bought the lie that I was in charge of my life, the outcome, the path … Continue reading Christ the Equipper.

Let God Breath Life Into Your Dreams

So many times in my life, I sought to stretch and reach beyond my limits to achieve my dreams. I felt that pushing myself, motivating myself and doing things out of my own strength was necessary to produce results in my life. So many times I fell short and my strength dwindled. My drive was … Continue reading Let God Breath Life Into Your Dreams

Crossing the bridge called change.

  There are cross roads in all of our lives. Moments that we must go left or go right. We know these moments by the increased beating in our hearts and the butterflies that swirl in our bellies. Change is on the horizon. Will you embrace this change or will you close yourself off to … Continue reading Crossing the bridge called change.