Today’s Take Home Message: Never Give Up

Hi Everyone! 🙂 I know this is a message for someone. Watch today's video on "Never Giving Up", we all have those moments where we just want to throw in the towel and today's message shares just why you don't want to do that. Be encouraged, Ashley

Let Jesus Take the Wheel: How to Release Expectations and Experience the Fullness of Joy.

So many times in my life I felt that I needed to be in control. I had to control everything to ensure that I no longer felt hurt, sadness, abandonment, loss or whatever else it was that I was dealing with at the time. I found that the more I tried to control my life … Continue reading Let Jesus Take the Wheel: How to Release Expectations and Experience the Fullness of Joy.

YOU are enough- Ashley Poptodorova

Did you know sweet girl that YOU are enough? There is NOTHING you could do in this moment to be ANY more than you are. YOU are enough. Imperfections and all. Stop striving the worldly way. Stop seeking approval from things, people or situations. No title, no achievement, no accolade will make you more than … Continue reading YOU are enough- Ashley Poptodorova

Creating POWERFUL and POSITIVE change!

  Hello friends! You know, I've really missed you and am glad to be back to my routine of blogging! I have been going through SO much CHANGE in my life lately... and it really got me thinking. How do we take the changes and the fear of the "unknown" and really make it powerful … Continue reading Creating POWERFUL and POSITIVE change!

Fear has no place here.

My heart that is. Fear and Faith simply can't coexist. I woke today to a text from a friend and client who offered gentle encouragement and she reminded me of this. It got me to think a little bit deeper about what fear really is and how it BLOCKS faith! When you block faith (and … Continue reading Fear has no place here.

Practice what we preachy seems pretty peachy :)

You know - I am an observer - always have been. You can plop me on a bench and I can sit there as happy as a bee in honey just watching the people go by.  As I have grown in my life - I find that I observe less of people physically and more … Continue reading Practice what we preachy seems pretty peachy ðŸ™‚

Red light/Green light

Sitting at a red light on the corner of Cross Creek today - my mind began to wonder. Ever had those moments where the sound of cars just drones in the background and you find yourself just wandering through random thoughts?For some odd reason I began to think of turning 30 ~ this is just … Continue reading Red light/Green light