Let God Breath Life Into Your Dreams

So many times in my life, I sought to stretch and reach beyond my limits to achieve my dreams. I felt that pushing myself, motivating myself and doing things out of my own strength was necessary to produce results in my life. So many times I fell short and my strength dwindled. My drive was … Continue reading Let God Breath Life Into Your Dreams


The Letter

It is amazing how one of the biggest moments of your life can come down to one written letter. A letter that you do not know how to write. Have you ever thought SO many 'thoughts' that you felt your mind would explode? I experience this every day but when that pen hits the paper, … Continue reading The Letter

The Cost of Transparency

Based on my previous blog entry this week, I felt led to post this. The cost of transparency is GREAT. When you are real, raw and open you will face trials and persecution. You will displease people. You will not be popular. Feelings will get hurt at times and nerves will be touched. Transparency can (more … Continue reading The Cost of Transparency

God uses everything. This is my story.

Many times in my life, I have stopped to just ponder the power and impact of my life. Am I making a ripple in this world? Am I using the most of my God given talents? Is my life worth something? These are questions that I believe we ALL face at some point in our … Continue reading God uses everything. This is my story.

A Love That Covers ALL.

You are loved. How many times in life have you felt abandoned, sad, discouraged or unloved? Are you feeling this way right now, in this very moment? This is for YOU. So many times in my life, I was left searching for so many things to fill the hole in my heart. I had so … Continue reading A Love That Covers ALL.

Becoming a Prayer Warrior, my Life’s Purpose. Ashley Poptodorova

I really feel that The Lord has been putting "prayer" on my heart for sometime now. Seeking out the deeper, more meaningful purpose of prayer (besides just my waking & bedtime routine) has become a mission to me. I want to understand prayer through Gods eyes and how to pray in a way that it … Continue reading Becoming a Prayer Warrior, my Life’s Purpose. Ashley Poptodorova

When God Blesses.

Have you ever experienced a totally unexpected awesome blessing from God? I love when this happens! The most exciting, adventurous and unexpected blessings of my life have produced the greatest JOY in my life and have ONLY come from Christ. When we are patient in our lives and focused on His word, it is amazing … Continue reading When God Blesses.

Take Your Thoughts Captive: The Importance of Stopping Negative Self Talk & How to Begin Loving Yourself.

I want to talk to you today about your "self talk". This is just one component of your life that is vitally important to your physical & emotional health. It has a greater impact on you than even the words spoken from others. You see, you can avoid those who speak negativity into your life. … Continue reading Take Your Thoughts Captive: The Importance of Stopping Negative Self Talk & How to Begin Loving Yourself.

Gain Control of Your Health: 6 things to start doing immediately- Ashley Poptodorova

Here is a great post from our fitness blog, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Hi Fitness friends and health buffs!
Alex and I wanted to provide you with our top 5 things that you can start doing immediately to gain control of your health. Remember, being healthy is so much more than just hitting the gym! It is about how you feed, nourish and care for your body. The overall “healthy lifestyle” is a must. These are simple tips that will help build a great foundation.

1) Drink Fresh Squeezed Lemon Water: Do this first thing in the am on an empty stomach. This is excellent for alkalizing your body, rehydrating and cleansing your system. It helps “wake” up your system gently before you start eating and drinking coffee.

2) Drink Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Daily: 1 tablespoon in 6-8 oz. of water. This can be done anytime throughout the day. You can also follow your lemon water with the ACV as well if…

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Today’s Take Home Message: Never Give Up

Hi Everyone! 🙂 I know this is a message for someone. Watch today's video on "Never Giving Up", we all have those moments where we just want to throw in the towel and today's message shares just why you don't want to do that. Be encouraged, Ashley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECV7dvyvB34