The Holiness of Stinky Feet: Serving our Husbands with “Phileo” Love. Mini-Teaching Notes by Sarah Blount

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Please enjoy the notes from Sarah Blount’s Mini-teaching taught on 2/13/18. Sarah is our ‘Mothers of Young Children’ Coordinator for LWLC and is stepping up to help lead Studies and various teachings throughout LWLC.


-Culture will dictate to us that as modern-day women, we are “emancipated” from the confines of servitude to our husbands and families.

-Note the excerpt from a 1950’s home economics textbook – explosive response of over 65,000 comments; most scornful toward the “June Cleaver” picture painted there

-But, as Christian women, our value and focus should not be dictated by the culture, but by God’s Word.  -He is the One Who:

-knit you together in your mother’s womb

-wrote down the details of every day of your life, before you were born

-set you apart for His perfect purpose, before you were even born

-determined your priceless worth by giving His Son as a ransom for your soul

-Let HIM be the one Whose dictates we follow!  Whatever He has called you to, it is a high and holy calling indeed!

-Christ, who Himself was God-in-the-flesh, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, lived a life characterized by HUMILITY and SERVICE.

-John 13:1-11 – Jesus humbly served a bunch of petty, quarrelsome, overgrown boys by washing a bunch of stinky feet

-Washing feet was HOLY WORK, because it was exactly what His Father had given Him to do.

-What does this have to do with us?  What is our calling as Christian women living in a post-modern world?

Paul outlines the most important topics for Christian ladies to learn – Titus 2:3-4 – to love our husbands and children.

-Why does that need to be taught?  Isn’t it pretty natural?


-Greek word for “love” here is “phileo,” defined as “to be a friend to another, to be fond of (have a liking for) an individual, to have or show affection for.  ‘phileo’ denotes a personal attachment and   is more of a sentiment or feeling.  It is devotion based on the EMOTIONS, distinguished from  ‘agapeo’ which represents devotion based on the will.”

-In short, we are to ENJOY our husbands and children, as we enjoy our friends – FRIENDSHIP    LOVE

–We will focus on cultivating ‘phileo’ love for our husbands today.

-Since Paul instructed the early church to TEACH women to do this, we know it is not always natural.  Since this is the primary topic for the ladies’ curriculum in the first church, we know it can be learned, though!

-Matthew 6:21 – “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”


-Ladies, if we invest our time, our energy, our prayer life into cultivating this type of love (thus   making it our “treasure,”) THE HEART WILL FOLLOW!  Even if the feelings aren’t there now,  by persistently choosing to serve our husbands in love, the feelings will grow.

Ok, so HOW do we do this??

-Think about your girlfriends and how you grow your friendships.  You care for each others’ needs, you take an interest in what is important to each other (even if it wasn’t important to you before), you spoil each other, you make time together a priority – time spent relaxing and ENJOYING each other’s company.


-Ephesians 5:33 – husbands must show LOVE to their wives, wives must show RESPECT to our             husbands

-Men crave respect just as women crave romance!

-When his need for respect is met, he is more likely to reciprocate with loving his wife


-Notice what he does to relax.  Fishing?  Sports?  Video games?  Cattle and theology debates (lol –           personal experience)?

-Make an effort to learn about and participate with him in what he enjoys.  Buy a team jersey and watch the game together.  Break out that old fishing pole and spend a day in the boat with him.           Watch some YouTube apologetics debates, then let him get you those boots and hat and go         wrangle some cows together (again – I married a philosophical cowboy – my man is a walking          paradox, lol!)



-We may do well to revisit that ancient advice from the 1950’s textbook. 😉
– No, we are not June Cleaver, and yes, most of us now have full-time jobs just like our man does,           but humble service is a calling no matter our era.  J


-This will be impossible if we are not filled up by God first!!  Draw deep from the well of His     word to fill your “emotional bucket.”  When you are full of His Truth about who you are in Him – A DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, SET APART BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD FOR HIS HOLY PURPOSE, ETC…, you are then free to serve others with no threat of losing yourself!!


-Jesus humbled Himself unto DEATH – think about that.  He Himself is LIFE and pure holiness, but He humbled Himself unto the most humiliating death of all – crucifixion as the worst criminal.    YET HE DID NOT LOSE HIS IDENTITY – Humbling ourselves to serve will not cost us our      identity either!!


-Remember Genesis 2 – I like to think God saved the best for last in creation – WOMAN is the     crowning masterpiece of His entire creation.  He said it was “NOT GOOD” for the man to be alone.  When He made her, His creation was complete.  Then He said “It is GOOD!  IT IS VERY             GOOD!”


-One more note here in Genesis 2 – notice that woman’s purpose was to be a “helper” for her         husband.  Contrary to society’s claims, our fulfillment is in helping – that is our fundamental   purpose!



-Greet him with a happy smile and kiss when he walks through the door (or if you get home after he does, pray on the way home that your attitude will be refreshing to him when you get there)


-Get the children excited about his arrival – if you are happy and excited, they will be too.  Turn off           the TV, try to get the toys corralled, and strive to be a soft place for him to land at the end of his         day. Again, this is only possible if you’ve let God’s peace rule in your own heart first by letting   Him fill             you up!


-Fix his favorite meal once in a while


-Take note of things that matter to him, little things nobody else may pay attention to.  For         example, my husband is the only one who can see the top of the fridge (he‘s a tall cowboy at 6‘5“), but he really likes it when it is dusted.  So, I pull out my stepladder and clean it, knowing he is the          only one who will notice!  You know your man, be mindful of what he likes/dislikes and make it a      point to do something just for him from time to time.  J


-Serve him his plate at dinnertime – Again, yes, I see the June Cleaver jokes coming, but I have to            tell you that there is something quite special that happens in my man’s eyes when I hand him his        plate.  Rather than any hint of condescension, as the world would have us expect, there is a deep   adoration that sparks there in that small act of kindness.  I don’t even know exactly when I started    fixing his plate for him, but I know it made a profound impact on him, because his father             mentioned to me a conversation they had when going over house plans.  Money was tight and we             were trying to cut corners wherever possible.  Without me knowing, Adam told his dad, “I want          Sarah to have her dream kitchen, whatever she wants.  She serves me my plate for every meal, and

that is love.”

Additional scriptures:

-1 Peter 4:8-10

-Ephesians 6:7

-Colossians 3:23

-1 Thessalonians 5:13-18

-Isaiah 41:10

Mini-Teaching notes from Sarah Blount taught on 2/13/18 (boy, were these good or what!?) 

Blessings and thank you for stopping by the Ladies Who Love Christ Blog. We hope to see you around the group soon!

Ashley Poptodorova

Founder, Ladies Who Love Christ

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