Let God Breath Life Into Your Dreams


So many times in my life, I sought to stretch and reach beyond my limits to achieve my dreams. I felt that pushing myself, motivating myself and doing things out of my own strength was necessary to produce results in my life. So many times I fell short and my strength dwindled. My drive was there but I was exhausted from the sheer effort I put forth only to see little return. I was doing things on my own strength and this never landed me very far.

Through many a trial and also many an ‘overcoming’ circumstance I have grown through this mentality to have a much different perspective. God has provided me with so many experiences to learn some very tough lessons and this is why it is on my heart to share this post about DREAMS with you.

My fresh perspective on my dreams is one that is pretty much against what the ‘world’ says is necessary to succeed. When I succumbed to The Lords plan for my life and laid it all at His precious feet, this is when life changed for me. Every single day, I make a conscious effort to lay my thoughts, dreams, desires and deepest passions at His feet.

I began to realize that my DREAMS were a part of His divine plan for my life and that these were birthed in me through Him. This means that The Lord knows the perfect place, timing and circumstance to bring my deepest burning desires to fruition. I know that this is so much easier said than done, but trust me, I have learned this through a lot of kicking screaming and hurtful circumstances.

Even knowing this truth, I tried to take my dreams and my life in my own hands and to no avail. Some of the greatest blessings of my life I lost because I tried to control out of my own sheer will and I did not rely on Gods precious timing.

This is my story and why we should allow God to work in each crevice of our lives and fully TRUST Him and have faith.

Back in 2012, Alex and I made the decision to sell our business. We had worked hard to build and grow this business for close to 8 years and it was blessed by The Lord and from no effort of our own. We worked hard but it was God that chose to bless it again and again. He placed us right where He wanted us for us to prosper and grow. We had pure well meaning hearts and an eager drive. God CHOSE to use this and to bless our work. He blessed our business, touched countless lives through it and we matured through our 20’s learning some of the richest lessons you could imagine.

Still, I had a burning desire in my heart to write and travel the world speaking.  I always felt like there was more. Instead of trusting where God had me in that season of my life, I chose to act out of my own will. I knew that The Lord blessed me with this talent of writing and speaking and I felt overwhelmed at times from the stresses of running our business. Now, I know and understand that this stress stemmed from our own lack of maturity and mismanagement in areas but then, I thought it was the ‘circumstances’ bringing on my stress.

Without really consulting with The Lord, Alex and I took it upon ourselves to sell our business. I remember we were given advice from mentors and those close to us not to sell and our clients were pretty devastated.

We didn’t seek out Gods will for our lives and we took our dreams into our own hands. Alex wanted to finish school to become an N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor, he is just months away now) and I felt like this was the perfect time for me to sit back and start writing the book that I feel has always been a part of the plan for my life.

Shortly after selling, I landed some amazing speaking engagements and travelled cross country for them. I was ecstatic! Why had I waited so long? My second true engagement ever was to over 500 people and I had the time of my life! I loved it. I felt like my dreams were finally coming true.

What I missed however, was that my dreams had been coming true for a decade! God had His perfect plan and in my eagerness, I rushed it. I took matters into my own hands and I thought perhaps my help was what he needed to speed things up. I failed to see that The Lord had me just where He wanted me and that He was maturing and growing me to step into all that He had planned for my life since before I was born. 

Not even one year later it became clear that things were not going to go as planned. Without going into detail (it is not important) we ended up losing the business we worked almost a decade to build. We fought it out in court and fought until we had no more strength, stamina or finances to fight. We were devastated and had to endure some of the ugliest months of deception, lies, betrayals and loss that you can ever imagine.

God was teaching us one of the largest lessons we would probably learn to date in our marriage and LIFE.

What is the lesson? Let Him breath life into the DREAMS that He created and formed for you. Who knows our most intimate desires more than Him? No one.

Who loves us and cares for us more than Him? Who cares for the divine PURPOSE on our lives more than Him? No one.

Fast forward almost 4 years later and God has given us back that which was stolen. Not without lessons learned and us having to prove ourselves. He has rebuilt our marriage, our business, our home and our finances. He has breathed life back into the places that I felt were dead.

Today, I still have the deep burning desire to write and speak all over the world. That DREAM is still in me but I am trusting God to see it through to it’s completeness.  The Lord blesses me with just enough to know that He sees and He cares.

He sees my deepest wishes and desires and I know He cares. After all Alex and I have been through, I know this truth: I cannot give that which I do not have. I need the lessons, experience, faith and trust and KNOWLEDGE of Him to fulfill this dream. I need to grow in His wisdom, strength and to be fully ready to take on the magnitude of this dream.

What is your deepest desire and biggest dream? Trust that though you may not be where you want to be in this process or perhaps you feel you are ‘ready’…  God knows the perfect timing for your dream to come to pass. He knows when you are ready and when you are not. He knows what needs to be done and the precious precise timing for it to come to pass.

I praise God that He cares for me, my life and my marriage enough that He gently held us in the palms of His great hands during these most trying times in our lives. I thank Him that He cared enough to teach us the error of our ways and that He gently reminded me in the deepest parts of my heart that it is HE who breaths LIFE INTO OUR DREAMS. I am thankful to Him for second (and third) chances and that even when we fail or fall short, it is He who helps to pick us back up. I can’t wait to see all that He has in store either for my life or my dreams either.

NO matter how grand and giant our plans and dreams are, they pale in comparison to the perfect, beautiful, grand plan the Lord has dreamt up for us. I long for this, His best. 

2 thoughts on “Let God Breath Life Into Your Dreams

  1. sipnstop says:

    Thanks for this post Ashley. I have watch some of the unfold for you and my heart grieved for what seemed like torture for you both to endure. But the strength of your faith endures and delights the One you serve and who serves and saves us all. Much love for you both. Your faith is inspiring to many. Stay on the path the Lord has your feet set upon. (((Hugs)))

    • Ashley Poptodorova says:

      Sweet Janet, thank you. Yes, trying times for sure but God revealed and taught us so much. He has fully brought us through this situation stronger and more faithful than ever! How amazing He is. 🙂 Thank you and we miss our Tampa family, always in our hearts. Always.
      Love you

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