The Cost of Transparency


Based on my previous blog entry this week, I felt led to post this. The cost of transparency is GREAT. When you are real, raw and open you will face trials and persecution. You will displease people. You will not be popular. Feelings will get hurt at times and nerves will be touched. Transparency can (more often than not) be a very uncomfortable thing. You may be told you are ‘fabricating’ the truth or lying. You can never expect to be transparent and open without coming up against resistance. Especially when the cost of truth hurts those you love.

Why is transparency so difficult? Because not everyone handles things the same way. Some people ignore and shove down their emotions. Others just choose to forgive and not talk about it. Others do not even recognize certain things to be a “problem” because dysfunction and sin has a way of doing that to us. Blinding us. Not to mention, no one knows your life (or your perceptions) like YOU do, no one.

For me, transparency and openness wasn’t only a way to heal from my past pain but it was an avenue for me to allow God to do His much needed work in and through me. I felt LED to share my story and my life. The key is to understand that we all handle things differently.

Transparency isn’t something you do out of vengeance or malice. True transparency is the way God uses our testimonies to bring healing, restoration and forgiveness to others. It does however, require you to look beyond your emotions to the greater purpose.

At the end of the day, you simply have to choose, will you live your life to please God or to please people? When you choose to live for God your life, your experiences, your perception and all of your feelings become His to use for the goodness and growth of others. You have to put away ‘self’ and let God move through you.

When you choose to live for people and what others will “think” you give the enemy a foothold in your life. You allow satan to win by keeping your mouth shut. As Revelation 12:11 says: “They overcame because of the blood of The Lamb and the word of their testimony”. 

In conclusion, transparency (no matter how great the cost) pales in comparison to the cost of denying The Lord and what He has called you to do in your life. In the end of my life, I answer for me and what I did with what He gave me.

God Bless,









2 thoughts on “The Cost of Transparency

  1. Patrick Kennedy says:

    All you have to see is one Rep debate to learn how far into the abyss humanity has fallen. When attacks can be impersonal they can be so brutal and anti-Gospel. I expect same when my book comes out. Title: Favor or Luck. See you again at FBA? Pat Kennedy

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  2. savvysandwicher says:

    I have found that by writing and sharing and being transparent, I have been able to heal and see myself more clearly. We say and do, not to hurt but to learn and grow. Thank you for sharing.

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