Take Your Thoughts Captive: The Importance of Stopping Negative Self Talk & How to Begin Loving Yourself.


I want to talk to you today about your “self talk”. This is just one component of your life that is vitally important to your physical & emotional health. It has a greater impact on you than even the words spoken from others. You see, you can avoid those who speak negativity into your life. The voice in your head you cannot avoid. It is with you forever and therefore extremely important that you start to “take your thoughts captive” and choose to speak positive reaffirming words to yourself.

How many times a day do you talk down to yourself? Do you even know? It could be once a day and that is once too many. More often than not, it is MUCH more than that for most people. I remember a time in my life when my words to myself would cut as deep as the words & negative self talk from others around me. I not only surrounded myself with those who didn’t value me, I didn’t value myself and my “self talk” proved it.

I would tell myself that I was a failure, incapable of being happy, ugly, fat and the list goes on. Much of this was conditioned by experiences in my life and pain that I had endured. This is very often the case my friends. Our past when not dealt with, can leave lasting damage if we are not proactive to address it.

I remember staring in the mirror so many times just picking myself apart. No one around me could tell but the war inside my head was very real, and VERY damaging. I had a self esteem that was almost non existent. It is hard to even go “back” to that place. I have come so far since then but my hopes is to inspire you to take care of and nurture yourself by loving who God created you to be. Start with the words you speak to yourself. Remember, the more you believe in yourself and all that you were created to be, the more you will surround yourself with and seek out those who do the same.

I want to share with you some of the things I did that helped me back when I was just starting out my journey to getting emotionally healthy. These things may be different for different people but in my own experience and years of experience helping others, they work.
It takes (as with anything) consistency and determination to begin changing negative self talk patterns. It is not something that will happen overnight. Be patient, be persistent, stay in prayer & seek Gods help and guidance. You will look back one day healed, whole and thankful.

1) I had to become AWARE of what my thoughts were. So many of the thoughts I had on a day to day basis I was unaware of. It had become such an ingrained part of my life that it became my ‘normal’. It was not until I realized that I was beating myself up, that I began to be aware of my actual thoughts and was able to address them and the “root cause” of them.

2) Wipe and REDO. I am a visual person so I will use these examples that worked so well for me. In the very beginning I imagined a huge whiteboard in my head. Every time a negative thought came, I imagined erasing it and thought of a POSITIVE new way to reword my thoughts by creating a “redo”. For example: instead of “You look horrible and are fat” I would say something like “I am beautiful. I am strong. I am going to get healthy. I am not happy now but with practice and patience, I will get there”.

3) Be Realistic and give yourself time to “believe” your new way of thinking. Many times, we are so conditioned to believe all of the negative junk we tell ourselves that when we start to have our “Wipe and Redo’s” we do not believe it. That is ok. The more you take the necessary steps to improve your life and your thoughts, the more you will start to believe. You will begin to surround yourself with a new circle of people. Your life will start to take on a different pattern and it all starts with your thoughts.

4) Know what Jesus Christ says about you.
Jesus didn’t create you to be afraid, timid, shameful and self hating. No my friends! He knew your name before you were born and about EVERY single day of your life. He loves you UNCONDITIONALLY. He cares for you more than your mind can even fathom. He CREATED YOU. That means there is no need to strive for perfection. There is no need to strive to please people. YOU were created, chosen, named and placed here on Earth for a PURPOSE.
As Jeremiah 29:11 says (one of my favorites) For I know the plans I have for you declares The Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil. To give you a future and hope.
Knowing the Word of God and all that Christ says about you is key to living an abundant life of joyfulness.

5) Practice. That simple. The more you practice taking your thoughts captive, the better you will get at speaking words of life to yourself. You will not allow any negativity or junk to filter through but only those things that are good, wholesome and pure. You can still positively critique yourself too! Remember, its just all in HOW you say things.


I want to end with this friends, you are beautiful. In this moment (whether you believe it or not) you are amazing, talented, strong and needed in this world. You however, must believe this and it starts with how you speak to yourself each day.
I encourage you to take the steps above to heal the negative self talk and patterns that have been ingrained in you. Just as we serve a loving God, there is also a real enemy that wants to take us down.

An enemy that wants us feeling depressed, shameful, disappointed and hateful of ourselves and others. Get to know Christ (if you do not yet). He Created you. He loves you. He chose YOU. Yes, YOU.

If you do know Christ and have accepted Him as your Savior (ask me if you don’t know how) then bring your struggles before Him. He is not just a “Sunday” God. He is your Father, your Creator and He wants to be involved in your EVERY day.

God Bless and go get um’ P31 Chicks!


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