YOU are enough- Ashley Poptodorova


Did you know sweet girl that YOU are enough? There is NOTHING you could do in this moment to be ANY more than you are. YOU are enough. Imperfections and all. Stop striving the worldly way. Stop seeking approval from things, people or situations. No title, no achievement, no accolade will make you more than you are RIGHT now in this moment.

You are created perfectly in the image of God. He designed you and knows everything about you. He knows every mistake you would EVER make long before you made it. He still says YOU are enough. Not only are you enough, you are FORGIVEN. It is time you forgive yourself.

You are designed to be WHO He created you to be, not who the world wants to make you. Again, YOU are enough. You are not your past, your mistakes, your hurts or your pains. If you rest in Him, God will teach you to use all of that for more than your tears.

As you get ready to lay your head down tonight reflect on these words and God just wrapping His arms around you. You are His. You are chosen. You are beautiful and because of Christ, YOU ARE ENOUGH.
Sweet dreams.

You are enough: Ashley Poptodorova

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