P31 Chicks – Your life is NOW!

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Hi lovely P31 Chicks!

This is a just a reminder that your life is NOW! It is up to you to seize it and make it amazing! Yes, things will always come up and happen that can set us back a few steps but you should never stop “stepping” in the right direction. Be bold and know that each day you say “tomorrow” is a day gone. A day you will never get back!

We (in general)  tend to think that tomorrow is somehow guaranteed and we wait to be happy! No more of this mess.  Be happy with the blessings you have in front of you. Choose to love the unique and amazing gifts, talents and looks God has blessed you with.

Stop comparing your life (looks, image, smarts etc) to others and choose to SEE just what God has gifted you with. This can be hard living in a world where people put so much emphasis on “image” and material things but remember, 90% of what you see in front of you is cleverly marketed to make you FEEL that you must be a certain way, look a certain way or do certain things to be “good” enough.

This is clearly against what God teaches. You were beautifully and wonderfully made and CHOSEN. Each day of your life was laid out and planned long before you were in your mother’s womb! How truly amazing this is!

When I started to really grasp these basic concepts in my life and STOPPED comparing myself to others, I found so much more JOY, peace and happiness. I started to understand that God created me for SO much more than the box this world tries so hard to confine us to.

Tomorrow when you wake up, look in the mirror and thank God for creating you just as He did. Understand that YOU are truly unique and the struggles you endure in life can be your strength (and strength for others) tomorrow.

Stop trying to live up to image expectations and understand that you are beautiful as you are. If you know you want to make a change, do it but do NOT beat yourself up.

P31 Chicks, you only get one life. Your life is RIGHT NOW, in this moment. Today will eventually be long gone. Do not look back with regrets and do not hurt the one who created you by being unhappy with yourself.

Make your life amazing.

~God Bless ladies and if you need me, I am always here! You can reach me anytime at Ashley.Poptodorova@Gmail.com






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