Introducing the New P31 Chick blog – a message from Ashley.


A message from Ashley:

Many of you may now notice our new appearance and “look”.  I am SO excited to have finally launched my P31 Chick Blog and movement!  This is something God planted in my heart and I am overjoyed to be sharing this with you!

I believe that there is something here for you to learn, grow and mature in Christ. I founded P31 Chick out of a desire to help Women and girls alike to realize their powerful ability to impact this world. I notice that more and more Women and girls are searching to fill needs that can only be filled by getting to know the one who made them. Our world tells you to search for money, fame, love and everything else to achieve happiness. I want to teach you a different way to impact your life and the lives of others! 🙂
Growing up I faced many struggles and it wasn’t until I laid down the worldly way of doing things and picked up “His way” that my life changed! Despite all of the tough times in my life, Christ was always there guiding me and teaching me. He will do the same for YOU! You are His princess, valued and loved.
Believe it!

This website will provide you with knowledge, tips and tools to live your best life in Christ. The P31 Chick blog will feature many posts on a variety of topics and will spotlight girls making “moves” in their own lives. Real girls just like YOU! We will offer daily fun tips on health and fitness and will share with you a love story unlike any other. A love story that YOU are a part of.

A P31 Chick is bright, valued, smart, worthy and loved. You were created for a purpose and we want to help you find that purpose! Christ knit you together in your Mothers womb and knew you long before you arrived in this world.
P31 Chick’s are fearless and fun and they are clothed in strength and dignity, laughing without fear of the future.

YOU my dear are a P31 Chick! If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me through the contact page and I will answer your questions.
In the meantime, please have fun on this site and help me to PAY IT FORWARD by introducing new P31 Chicks to the site. This is much appreciated.

God Bless you Princess!
~Ashley Poptodorova
Founder, P31 Chick

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