Overcoming overthinking.


It has been quite a while since I’ve blogged. Man, I missed you guys! Sometimes a little break is good for the soul. So much has happened lately and I just couldn’t wait to get back to my routine of blogging.

I want to blog about overcoming “over thinking” which I am sure we all struggle with at times. I woke up this morning with a flood of emotions and just felt the thick weight of my thoughts. I rolled out of bed after some crazy dreams and made my way to the kitchen where I have my daily routine of devotions. I sat down and tried to focus my thoughts of the Lord and what it was He wanted to teach me. My thoughts continued to just swirl in my mind and begged to steal my focus from devotions. UGH! I’m sure you can relate to this.

My thoughts, my “to do” list and everything else just begged to steal my attention. I thought about all of the things I just “couldn’t” forget to do and felt overwhelmed by the “should I do this or that” cycle. I thought about upcoming opportunities and things that  I must do for that, clients to touch base with, scheduling and on and on. I was so aware of these thoughts and kept fighting to bring myself back to the MOST important task at hand, my precious time with God.

I am doing the “Jesus Calling” devotional by Sarah Young (highly recommend!)  and I opened to 4/29 and was astounded at how close to home this hit. It talked about taking things one step at a time (making one choice at a time)  and knowing that throughout it ALL God is always right by our side, ready to equip us for whatever comes our way. I felt peace knowing that God knows me and He knows my heart.

While I was all over the place, He knew how hard I was trying to focus and take my thoughts captive.  It led me to read Lamentations and the Psalms which are always soothing. I knew that while I was battling with my mind this morning, God would give me the strength to focus and take in His word.

I shut the laptop down and fought the urge to look at my planner. I was determined to study  the word of God for one solid hour and not allow my thoughts to destroy this precious time.

You see, I easily could have shut the bible and given up but I refused. We are all human and we all have some days that are tougher than others. I sat there and forced myself to focus on reading and studying scripture when everything in me was trying to focus on outside things. I am so happy too that I did not give up and I am writing so that you do not give up.

Even the most rooted and grounded person who diligently seeks the Lord will falter! I know that to continue to develop my spiritual muscles and STRENGTH, I must endure horribly annoying mornings like the one I had!

We live in a world that is crazy busy and to do lists never end! We have kids, jobs and demanding schedules. Distractions! If we keep our eyes on the Lord and what it is He trying to tell us, ALL of the chaos will make sense. Each decision will be made with the strength and guidance of the KING. What could be better or more reassuring than that?

I started reading my new “Prayer Bible” by Elmer Towns today (Founder of Liberty University) and that was another step towards learning from God. I know He is teaching me so much about Himself and the more I show I am eager to learn, the more of Himself He will let me see! I can’t allow my mind, thoughts or distractions to rob me of this precious opportunity. The Prayer Bible is amazing by the way… PRAYING your way through the bible is POWERFUL!

I finished my devotional session today feeling like my mind had just run a marathon but feeling pleased that I did not stop. I had a great conversation with a dear friend of mine that brought a lot of peace and off with my day I went!

I know that this is for someone out there. I pray that you hold fast to Gods word and keep your eyes on Him. No matter what distractions the enemy tries to throw your way, be diligent in seeking the Lord first. Refuse to allow technology, to do lists or “thoughts” to distract you. You overcome over thinking by focusing FIRST and foremost on the Lord. Give His word and your time with Him (devotions) priority in your life!

Shut off the laptops and phones and just pray for God to reveal Himself to you through His word. I believe that God honors loyalty and diligence in seeking Him and He will help you to overcome the distractions you may face at times.

Hope this helps and until the next blog… love you guys!

God Bless and hugs,

Ashley Poptodorova

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