Scars of Love



Whether visible or not, all of us have scars. I want to challenge you to overcome your scars and to look at them in a different light. Some of us have scars on our heart from pain endured while others have visible scars on our bodies and some of us, have both. These scars are often times a painful reminder of what once was. I want to share with you a new way of thinking and something that helped me to overcome the scars in my life.

So many people look at scars like a “blemish” whether seen or unseen. We live in a world that says “imperfection” is not ok. We live in a world where people think fixing the “outside” will fix the “inside” and this is simply NOT the case. We also live in a world where people try to cover “inward” scars by hiding emotion, not facing their past or refusing to takes steps towards healing (usually because of the IMMENSE pain associated with this).

Scars are often times associated with pain and anguish. For the first many years of my life, this was me. I would catch a glimpse of the many small scars sprinkled over my hands, arms and feet and it would send me back to a place that was painful. I would think of the past and spiral into a “what if” whirlwind.

These were only the physical scars too. The emotional scars were the ones that cut the deepest and left me in pain and torment for so many years. I was always a survivor. Many who bear scars are. I thought overcoming, becoming successful and laughing away the pain would suffice. It did none of the above. I always had these scars reminding me of things I just did not want to remember, again, both physical and emotional.

The emotional scars I bore, started to catch up to me. I started to create more scars in my life through my actions and I started to hurt others because of my hurt. People that were close to me!  I was repeating what I never wanted to face because I was not willing to face it. Make sense?

I will never forget the day that I was brought to my knees literally and I just cried out to God. I let years of tears and sobbing cries ring out. You know what? He could hear me. I knew it because I FELT it. God will NEVER EVER leave you or forsake you. No matter how big or small your scars are, each little one matters to Him. YOU matter to Him.

It was only recently in my life that I began to understand about a “love” more faithful than the morning. I began to embark on emotional healing and yes, it was excruciating. It was terribly painful but as Christ started to remove the YEARS of pain, I became new again. Whole. All of a sudden, I thought about my past, my pain, my scars, my life and my story SO much differently. I could share my testimony without anguish.

I was able to really love, LOVE, LOVE in a deeper, more pure, more intense way than I had EVER experienced in my life. Suddenly, compassion replaced my scars. Love covered my scars. Joy outnumbered my scars.

I will NEVER forget as long as I live the day I was driving and the beautiful sunshine was shining through my car. With my hand on the steering wheel I caught a glimpse of one of the scars on my hand and as clear as day, spoken straight to my heart I felt Christ say “I took scars for YOU”. I took lashings, whippings, beatings and bore scars for YOU.

To this day, when I see my scars, I think of Jesus Christ and the scars He bore for us. I stopped feeling pain and started feeling overwhelming LOVE and gratefulness. He replaced and gave new purpose and meaning to each physical and emotional scar I had.

Now, I see these scars and I thank God for them. I thank God that through my scars and my pain He was able to reach me and to TEACH me. He repaired me and made me new again on the inside.

He is all I want, all I need, EVERYTHING. He is all we will EVER need friends. He will take your pain, your brokeness and your heartache and He will replace them with new parts, new insights, new feelings and emotions associated with your scars but it takes YOU taking the steps to ask Him in and ask Him to help you!

It is not easy. In fact, it very well may be the toughest thing you ever do but He will enable you, equip you and strengthen you. He will teach you what you need to know (when you are ready to know it) and He will take your heart and make it whole again.

You are beautiful and your scars are made beautiful through Christ. Never believe the LIE that your scars make you imperfect. You serve a God who covers YOU in Grace and surrounds you in LOVE. YOU are His everything.

Submit yourself and give Him your all. You will be amazed at just how powerfully he FLOODS your life with more of Him. Every painful moment will be washed away as He covers your scars and brings healing to EACH and EVERY one of them.

God Bless friends.






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