Stop thinking of what could go wrong and think of what could go right!


Have you ever just sat and watched a child? They have a boldness and fearlessness to life! They are so innocent and pure. This is what God wants us to be like. We are after all, His children. He desires to see the purity in us that can only come from accepting Him fully and wholly.

Something happens as we become adults and we lose that innocent aspect to our lives. Suddenly, we are plagued with lack of self-confidence and fear. We think of the “worst” before we think of the “best” and our lives are hindered most often by ourselves.

Today, I just want to encourage you to be like a child again! It may take some time to adapt to this new “way” of thinking but it will be the most freeing thing you will experience.

Open yourself up and be willing to step out. Take that first bold step and think not of what can go wrong but think of what can go RIGHT. Remember, we serve a God that is our Father. He loves us unconditionally. He wants nothing more than to see us grow spiritually and grasp all that He has in store for us! If you take a step (just as a parent gently guides their child) God will take these opportunities to grow you and stretch you but He will never hurt you. His only desire is to see you come into the FULLNESS of all that He has for you!

Close your eyes and just imagine the love of a parent for their child… FAR greater is the love of the Father for us. So great in fact that our minds cannot fathom. His love for you and your acceptance of this love is true happiness.

If you fall, He will pick you up. If you fail, He will so ever lovingly give you another chance. What do you have to lose by taking a hold of His promises and embracing your life fearlessly??

Some people live their entire lives just stressing, working, fearfully embracing each day and never realizing how great His affections are for us! Some people never grow spiritually to the point that Gods words whisper to the very core of their heart. To miss this, is to miss the whole point of life. Without Him, how can you ever truly know your direction? You simply cannot. You are like a little ant just aimlessly wandering from point to point and day-to-day never grasping the true meaning of life.

God gave us children to raise, observe, nurture and care for. Oh, how we can learn a thing or two from the innocence and fearlessness of a child. The next time you see a child just sit and watch them. That purity, innocence and amazing creation is what God wants us to be like.

He wants us to be like a sponge willing to soak up His message and His desires for our lives. When you start to embrace in this way, your whole world changes and you never look at anything the same. You simply cannot because you’ve been touched and when you are truly touched by God your entire purpose becomes serving Him more open, more innocently and more fearlessly!

Enjoy the rest of your week  and commit to laying down your fears! Pick up the promises of God for your life!

Love and hugs~


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