Joyce Meyer’s Atlanta conference – Study Notes. NEVER GIVE UP!

Very excited and ready to use my fitness skills to get FIRST row seats, LOL!

Very excited and ready to use my fitness skills to get FIRST row seats, LOL!

Hello friends!

I am so excited to be bringing you my notes from this weekends Joyce Meyers conference held in Atlanta, GA. It is my hopes that you will study these and get familiar with Gods promises! He wants us to live the ABUNDANT life but this means we must put away our “old” way of thinking and renew our minds!

For more info and podcasts etc visit: She has so many resources to help you learn and adopt Gods promises for your life! I downloaded her app (Itunes) and I listen to the various podcasts as I drive around town. Fill your mind up with the things of The Lord and He will provide wisdom, knowledge and understanding!

This is the best of the best portions of my notes (I took TONS of pages and managed to get “writers cramp” LOL!) I hope they help.

As a side note, enjoy the pics! I was like a kid in a candy store this weekend. I met new friends and really took home a powerful word. It was simply fantastic! 🙂

So, on to the good stuff…..

This weekends theme was  “NEVER GIVE UP”. WOW! Perfect timing for a perfect word from God! Now, I am a go getter, glass is half full kinda gal so giving up just isn’t in the cards however, I was in a place that I really was not too aware of until this conference. (Wait for it!)

The MIDDLE. Yep! The middle! That big space of “time” where you feel like you are lingering in between where you “used” to be and where you “want” to be. It is your attitude while in “the middle” that will determine SO much about your life and whether it will be deeply fulfilling or a slowly draining leak.

Joyce in her comical approach was able to get me to really see that WOW! I was in the middle and you know what?? Most people are not comfortable with the middle. This area of our lives can actually last years and years depending on several factors from our patience to our absorption of valuable lessons etc. You see, as Joyce cleverly states, “God will never flunk you. He gives you unlimited redo’s . It is simply up to YOU how many times you want to keep retaking the same test!”

It is in the middle portion of most people’s lives where they GIVE UP! Yep! Just throw in the towel. Some feebly walk away with their tail between their legs while others just fill their lips with excuses as to why they “could not”…..

These notes I took will hopefully motivate and inspire you to NEVER EVER EVER (EVER!!) give up! I added my own spin and insights as well so ENJOY! Lots of info.

Lets roll it!

**Do you know satans biggest lie?? That it is too late. He tries to get you to bite into that big old chunk of lie that YOU are too old or it is too late for you. You missed the boat. You are not equipped. You are not this or that… blah blah blah.. well, guess what? This is a GIANT LIE!

Why?? Because it is TRULY NEVER EVER (EVER!!) too late! In fact, Joyce comically stated that she didn’t start working out until she was 63 years old!! She now trains with her trainer (lucky trainer to get to spend 3 hours a week with this amount of knowledge!) 3 times per week and at 70 years old, really looks better than ever! 🙂

Now, Alex and I were probably the only two people in the stadium to get as excited as we did when Joyce flexed her muscles but take home the point here at 63 most people feel like their life is over. That is HOGWASH! As they say “It ain’t over till it’s over”.

**READ Isaiah 43- I am doing a NEW thing!

**Sometimes, God has NEW gifts for us but we are so trapped in our OLD ways or our OLD ways of thinking that we miss out!

**ALL things (repeat, ALL things!) are possible with God but MANY of these will never take place without our ACTION! Things will not always go smooth (in fact, many times they wont!) and the enemies #1 job is to BRING YOU DOWN! Take action by renewing your mind, reading the word and taking account of your daily ACTIONS!


** What is your response when you hear other people are in trouble? Do you just offer to pray? Prayer is GOOD but if you want true deep healing – part of this is HELPING OTHERS! Do not just pray. Pray and step up to help!

**Nehemiah 1:4

YOU CAN REBUILD YOUR LIFE! No matter what has happened to you, what came tumbling down, God is a GREAT BIG GOD and HE WILL REBUILD!

**Are you paying attention to your passion?? When you have a burning passion to do something, this is more than likely God talking to you! Do not ignore this! Take steps (No matter how small) to live out your God-given dreams and passion! This ignites you, excites you and gives you ZEST for life!

**When people try to STOP you from doing your purpose, this is the enemy!! READ NEHEMIAH 2:10

**When YOU try to move forward, the enemy becomes distressed!

**When our lives are a MESS, we OWE it to God to try to rebuild! Do not sit there and sulk!  (POOR ME) … heck no! You are equipped by He who is IN you! Stand up and REBUILD!

Remember, the enemies job is to make you feel defeated and rejected. Don’t take that bait!

**YOU CAN DEFEAT GIANTS but you cannot be WIMPY!!!! Maybe we just need to realize how big our God is and GET TOUGHER!

Joyce continued on to share how she can’t stand “false starts” (it is EASY to go on a diet Sunday after dinner, LOL!) Alex and I LOVED this analogy!

**If you do not intend to FINISH then do NOT start!

**How do you stand up against the enemy?

1) Pray right away and do not delay! (She had us repeat at least 4 times!)

2) Get a prayer team to PRAY for you!

3) Use the word of God back against the enemy!

I personally LOVED this: NEVER repeat what the enemy says! Repeat what GOD SAYS! Trouble focusing is an attack of the enemy.


**Work with one hand and keep your sword (WORD OF GOD!) in the other hand! This way, satan cant destroy what you build!


**MANY OF US ARE ANOINTED FOR THINGS! David was anointed for 20 years before he wore the crown! Get comfortable waiting!

**God does not just make us wait to wait! There are lessons, experiences, tests and more that take place in “the middle” and much of this is a training ground for what is to come!

**If you stick with things (FOLLOW THROUGH!) until the end, there will be a blessing.

Tweetable moment: If Christians would be as persistent as the devil, what a different world it would be!

Cool saying “I am going to GET UP NOT GIVE UP!”

Here is how to FINISH and defeat giants:

1) Ignore the criticism and unbelief of others

2) Remember past victories God has given you. Reflect on these always!

3) Speak POSITIVE words of victory and not defeat!

**You can never defeat giants if you try to be something other than what you are.

Press into the NEW BEGINNING that God has for you!

ISAIAH 61- God will give us beauty for ashes!


**We do not grow in the good times, we grow in the tough times! Pray that God will help you through and pray for His continued grace! GROWTH IS ON THE HORIZON!


**NEVER GIVE UP! The times from the pit to the palace test our character and develop us into the man or woman who God wants us to be!

When pursuing your dream, God will give you little glimpses of hope along the way, to let you know that you are on the right path.

**If you can learn to do what is right, while you are hurting the devil CANT STOP YOU!


Psalm 91:12 and 1 Peter 2:23.

**The church is not called to reach, it is called to OUTREACH!

Well, there you have it! This weekend was fun-filled and powerful! I loved meeting new people, laughing and having a great time with the hubby!

Remember, the things you read, think about and associate with will determine your spiritual growth! Be sure to get in the word daily and to soak it up!

Enjoy the pics and another amazing blog coming soon! I will be doing my “Inspirational Story” where I feature an amazing person overcoming all odds through Gods grace and love.

Blessings friends,


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3 thoughts on “Joyce Meyer’s Atlanta conference – Study Notes. NEVER GIVE UP!

  1. Janet Arnold says:

    Your enthusiasm is not to be denied. Your passion continues to blossom. God’s Grace embraces every step you are taking along this path that he has planned for you and equipped you for. You are a valiant warrior princess of the High King that I am certain pleases Him in so many ways! SWORD UP and Continue On! Love and God’s Light Upon You in All Things!

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