Are your excuses drowning your dreams?


Just like a steady tapping on the door, consider this a tapping on your shoulder. “Excuse me, Sir or Ma’m, are you excusing your life away?” Yes, it sounds very strongly put and this is because it is. Today, I want you to open up with yourself and be boldly honest. Are your excuses drowning your dreams?

Sometimes, it takes the quiet moments for us to think, read and reflect. As you absorb these words I encourage you to be in thought. Let the words soak into your soul because they can change your life. Not the words themselves, rather, what you choose to do with these words. Remember, no matter how “great” a thing may be, it is only as great as what you “choose” to do with it. It all comes down to choice.

In my lifetime,  I have travelled many different phases including as a survivor and as a victim. These are nothing short of a disaster because both are rooted in excuses. Do not get me wrong, there are terrible things that happen everyday and it is ok to be sad and to grieve these things but at some point, you must move forward with living your life and bury these things.  Please do not misunderstand my point here. I am not suggesting you “build a wall” or desensitize yourself.  Quite opposite in fact. What I am suggesting is you go through the “healing” process and allow God in to your heart to remove the infection that has been brewing.

Please note, this is the ONLY way you will be able to fully heal and remove the pain and infection that the enemy wants you to die with! I am telling you like it is because there are enough sugar coated lies out there. The enemy wants your life (and DREAMS!) to end in pain and sadness. Things such as feelings of worthlessness, depression and excuses are a main staple in the enemies camp. What you feed yourself is what you get full on! Get it?? Fill yourself up on the promises of the Lord. Allow your dreams to flourish through His promises and let your excuses die once and for all.

Here is how I see dreams, they are a GIFT from God! They are silent promises planted in our hearts that come true with powerful prayer, diligently seeking the One who planted them and faith. Our dreams are like little nuggets of hope tied into pretty little knots weaved into our lives by our Creator. Dreams are nothing short of amazing! They demand our time, attention AND prayer.

Are you allowing your dreams to be drowned by your excuses? Are you allowing yourself to get full on the enemies lies? Are you allowing negativity, toxicity and all other things from the enemy to infiltrate your life? I encourage you today to lay it down. You serve a God who sent His one and ONLY son to die for these things. To wash our sins clean and to give us second chances. When Jesus died and rose again, our dreams, hopes and ambitions came alive! Savor this thought. It’s awe inspiring!

Once I realized this in my life, I was able to stop being a survivor. I was able to open myself up to the promises of the Lord and lay down the “victim” mentality. I was able to forgive those in my life who hurt me and I was once again able to believe in the beauty of my dreams.

If you are reading this, I believe He is calling you out and speaking to you. As my Pastor, Ike Reighard stated today in church, once you realize God is FOR you and not against YOU chains will start to break in your life! Once you realize just how much He adores you, you will be able to open yourself up to His goodness and to pursue those very special dreams He planted in your heart!

I encourage you today to let go of those things which no longer serve a purpose in your life. Let go of depression, sadness, excuses, pain, hopelessness, feelings of worthlessness and realize just how BIG the God you serve really is!

At one point in my life I used to ask myself “where is God?” and now, I realize that He was there all along. Through the worst of it. He never left my side and He was the one who cradled my broken heart in His hands and pieced it together again. I am dreaming bigger dreams than ever now and praying BIGGER prayers.

Ask yourself: Are your excuses drowning your dreams?

Blessings and health,



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