The destructive, life altering effects of negativity and how to stay AWAY!



YIPPEE! Ok… I am only trying to convey my pure excitement for getting out this awesome message today! I have dealt with my share of negativity in life and I really feel that this is a topic that is discussed at times, considered in conversation and “dabbled” in but the sheer importance of grasping a deep and thorough knowledge of this concept is absolutely life changing! SO much so, that I felt the need to get this message out … TODAY!

So, are you buckled up and ready to take off? We are going to speed through the basics of negativity and how DESTRUCTIVE this is to your life as well as discuss some very practical ways you can eliminate this from your life. Are you ready?? I am so excited to give you the first and biggest component to the destructive nature of NEGATIVITY, I know you are just hanging on the edge of your seat… NEGATIVE situations and people are like poison! Once ingested, you will be left with the lingering effects that seep into every area of your life! Know what happens next? SHEER DESTRUCTION!

Nothing good EVER comes from negativity. Ever! I mean… EVER! Get it? I really need to make sure this one basic concept sinks in. Now, some may challenge the angle that because of a “negative” environment, they are who they are today. I would like to counter challenge you to another perspective:  staying in a constant environment of negativity does NOT produce positive results. Simply put. It just doesn’t.  However, if you are smart enough and WISE enough to understand this one basic principle- you can make the daily choices needed to REMOVE yourself from this garbage and put yourself in a “favorable” environment. Make sense?

Let me go a bit more in-depth, I know many people who are leading thriving, successful and purpose filled lives. Many of these individuals came from a place of pain and negativity growing up. These awesome people did not go on to lead such fulfilling lives by staying in a constant environment of negativity! They had to learn the principles of what to accept and NOT to accept. They had to re-learn patterns in their lives and more often than not, they needed to personally remove themselves from these toxic environments in order to free up space to thrive. 

You see, negativity is like taking a wet towel and throwing it over your face. It obstructs your ability to take in nice deep life giving oxygen. The SAME thing happens with negativity. Continuing to surround yourself with people who do not hold the same beliefs in this area or continuing to stay in toxic environments will ALWAYS stunt your growth. To thrive, you must create the environment to do so and it starts with clearing your life, thoughts and surroundings of negative toxicity. 

Trust me, I have faced more than my share of negativity from my surroundings to my own personal battle of the mind. I struggled and FOUGHT to beat destructive negative self thoughts first. I was entrapped in a negative and abusive relationship that left me so broken it is a wonder I recovered. By the grace of our AMAZING God and Jesus Christ, something was always “inside” of me since birth and always gave me JUST what I needed, just when I needed it. Today, I know that this what the pure unwavering love of our Father.

I fought with physical abuse, sexual abuse and abandonment many times throughout my life. I struggled with my weight and negative self image and throughout my life, started to attract just what I felt inside. Negativity and toxic people. Let me tell you, you can never thrive in this place you can only fight to survive. 

So, THIS is where my passion and burning desire comes from to get this message across. I want to make it very simple and for the sake of saving a lengthy blog I will bullet where I started and what I did. I never write just from my experience alone, either. I always always always pray for the Holy Spirit to put the words in my mouth that He wants me to speak and the words on the tips of my fingers that He wants me to type.

First, you need to take an inventory of  YOU.

1) Do you have dreams, goals and inspirations?

2) Do you surround yourself daily with those who will help you to achieve these things?

3) How do you speak to yourself?

4) Do you believe in your ability and SELF WORTH?

If you can’t answer these questions pretty quickly, it is time to really take a deeper look at what is going on in your life, mind and heart.

Lets look at #2, THIS alone is one of the most important things. Are you surrounding yourself with those you want to be like? If not, it may be time to take an inventory of your relationships and friendships. I have walked away from several friendships and relationships in my lifetime that no longer matched my belief system.

This leads me to my next and final thing. You must stop to take an evaluation of your belief system. What are the daily thoughts you bombard yourself with? What is your belief system about yourself? You are WORTH great things but until YOU believe this, nothing else can start shifting in your life.

I hope this post encourages you today to look at your life, your thoughts and your relationships. The good old saying “birds of a feather, flock together” is a “good ol'” saying for a reason! You are who you associate with. What you believe about yourself becomes your TRUTH.

Changing patterns of negativity takes work. It takes a true deep desire to want more out of life. Sadly, MOST will never experience this freedom because they do not even know “negativity” is an issue in their life. Gossip, slander, DRAMA and so many other things fall under the umbrella of negative toxicity.

I challenge you today, look at your life and fight for what you deserve! Surround yourself with those who build you up, not those who break you down. Be willing to walk away from those things which do not serve the best interest of your life. Life is a gift and a responsibility friends. It is your story. How are you going to live it?

I choose to live mine positively, rooted in the promises of Christ and surrounded by those who love me and value me. It took me years to come to this. I hope it does not take you quite as long.

Out with the negative and IN with the positive, starting TODAY friends!

Blessings, health and peace of mind,



One thought on “The destructive, life altering effects of negativity and how to stay AWAY!

  1. Janet Arnold says:

    Super Post Ashley! A great big rock thown in a very large sea. I can feel the ripple from here. I believe we could create a tidal wave if more of us who do believe could take at least one more soul to the safer, higher ground with us. The clearer, crisper and lighter air of our positive inspirations are a gift that we give to others who need it! And alot of people need to see us being the beacons of light that we cannot help but BE! Thanks for your courage and bravery and the strength to throw that stone far and long into a sea of possibility…where others can find strength in your strength! ROCK ON!! Love you!

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