Crossing the bridge called change.

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There are cross roads in all of our lives. Moments that we must go left or go right. We know these moments by the increased beating in our hearts and the butterflies that swirl in our bellies. Change is on the horizon. Will you embrace this change or will you close yourself off to the opportunities of the unknown?

I have been faced with many changes in my lifetime. Some were scarier than others but one thing that held steady and true was the unchangeable sense of who I was and just what I wanted out of my one wild and truly precious life. If we are fearful of change, how can we create CHANGE?

As young as I can remember, I had a deep burning desire to make my mark in this world. I was always a willing vessel to embrace the toughest of situations and to cross the “bridge called change” when needed. In fact, in my lifetime I’ve crossed this bridge enough times that we are quite familiar with one another. It is not that scary anymore.

I did so in hopes that I would learn, grow and gain strength. All of which I needed to fulfill the calling on my life. You see, sometimes, your movement, growth or next steps in your life are dependent on your embracing CHANGE! Are you ok being complacent and stagnant? Please understand, there is a difference between contentment and peace with your life and complacency. Remaining stagnant for fear of change is one of THE most dangerous places to be. It stunts your growth but worse yet, it stunts your impact ability!

All of us have bridges in our lives. You can put a name to each one. Change, complacency, fear, faith. The choice for which bridge to cross and not to cross is up to you but choose wisely. These choices greatly alter your life. There is wisdom learned when you embrace change and seek growth.

Have you ever heard someone close to you say “I will cross that bridge when I get there”? I encourage you to take a moment of peace the next time you come to a bridge or cross roads in your life and ask yourself what it is you want? Will crossing that bridge bring you closer? What about the bridge called change?

Did you know this is the ONE bridge that is constant in LIFE? We can choose to have faith or be fearful! We can choose to be complacent or to change but you know what?? Change is the only thing constant! It happens with you or without you. Tough, I know. We have so many choices in life but one thing that we don’t have a choice over is whether things will change. We only have a choice over whether we will embrace it, learn from it and grow WITH it or if we will sit on the sidelines watching our lives pass us by!

As for my life, I value each moment. EACH MOMENT! Life is so precious. Never guaranteed. The power of our impact is beautiful and strong enough to move me to tears yet many of us never move in 1/10th of the gifts we’ve been given for fear of CHANGE (or what others will think, say etc… but that’s for another post).

I will end with this question. There is a bridge called change and that bridge is your LIFE. All of the others bridges are pieces of your life but this one, this one special bridge encompasses your entire LIFE. Will you live it? Embrace it? Grow with it and learn from it?

What will you do when the moment comes to go left or go right? Remember, YOU serve a God who has hard-wired some very amazing gifts into YOU. Walking in these gifts, using them and sharing them require you be able to move with the ebbs and flows of life. It is a whirlwind of change out there in this big big world. What “is” today is no longer tomorrow. Stay focused and grounded on WHO you were created to be and despite all that is going on around you keep walking in the direction of your dreams and calling.

I encourage to you cross this bridge when you get there. You just never know what is waiting on the other side.

Here is to embracing change and crossing bridges.


Ashley Poptodorova

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6 thoughts on “Crossing the bridge called change.

    • Ashley Poptodorova says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 I write from the deepest places of my heart and I know that if I am enduring or going through something, others are as well. I am so glad that this post helped! Please stay in touch and if you ever have a topic of interest, let me know.
      God Bless you!

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