Getting through tough times without giving up- Ashley Poptodorova


How many times in life have you gone through something VERY tough and challenging and thought that it would take everything in you just to get through? Well, I believe that we have ALL endured times like these and I believe it is in the midst of these challenges that we grow and build strength the most. However, if you are not solidly grounded on the promises of the one greater than all of this, Jesus Christ, it will make it VERY hard and quite frankly impossible. I simply cannot imagine going through some of the biggest challenges of my life not rooted in Gods promises and His support. I have lived on both sides, at one time (not knowing better) I faced life and the challenges in my life in a very “worldly” way.

Today, I endure the challenges that come grounded on the Lords promises.  I remind myself (sometimes I have to SCREAM it to myself) of the price Jesus Christ paid on the cross, shedding His precious blood so that I (YOU and I!!!) could be FREE. This truly was the ultimate gift that empowers and enables us through our lives and in our daily struggles. Listen, I have a great life and I am so richly blessed. I thank God and have a grateful heart for all that He has done with and through me but I would be a fool to tell you that I am challenge free. Heck NO! In fact, I am enduring some of the biggest struggles of my life right now and I continue to press on and press forward. Sometimes that means pressing into my church family and those who know and care for me. At other times it means really pressing into the word or just raising my hands in worship. It means that I make a CHOICE, a daily choice, not to give up or give in! Defeat is from the enemy. Shame, depression, weakness, anger, sadness none of these are from God and He wants you to rise above and experience so much more! It requires us to CLAIM it however!! In Him we are victors, without Him we are simply lost.

While our God wants blessings, abundance, happiness, joy, peace, wisdom and SO much more for us, it comes with a CHOICE that only you can make. Who are you going to plug yourself in to when the tough times hit? What source are you going to draw from during times of struggle in your life? I write these words to you NOT because I watch one too many DVD’s, podcasts or videos but because I am LIVING it! I have had to draw on His supernatural strength. I have had to lean on those around me to stand with me in agreement and in prayer. I have had to make a conscious effort to fight for the abundance that God has for us ALL!

Choose to still see the beauty in the world, even when you have firsthand experience with those things not so beautiful. Choose to smile even when you’ve had reasons to cry. Choose to understand in the deepest parts of your soul that the PRICE JESUS CHRIST paid on the Cross for YOU and  I was ENOUGH! He said it was done and IT WAS DONE! The price He paid was good enough for all of us yet, when we turn from Him and don’t believe, it is just like saying what He did on that cross was not enough. That’s how serious this is friends.

Now, does this mean you can’t mourn or show emotion? Does this mean you can’t shed tears or get upset? NO!! We are human and these are human emotions but what you CHOOSE to ACT on is what determines your fate. It is ok to show emotion but when you wipe your tears and proceed into the next moment… what do you do? Think? Say? THIS is what matters!

I am determined to see the beauty in all of the challenges and struggles I face in my life! These provide SO many useful things from resilience to determination to lessons. NOTHING is in vain but you remember friends, struggles will come, challenges WILL come but WHO you choose to tap into and stay grounded on is what determines your faith (and your RESULTS!). Ask God to TEACH you how to get through these times while strengthening your faith in Him. Ask Him to help you learn the lessons or those things in your life that you need to let go. You see, WE are all responsible for the decisions we make. It is all too easy to “blame” God when the tough times hit but ultimately, EVERYTHING ties back to a decision we’ve made. Sometimes we want all of the blessings without the tests and the trials. If you are struggling with this, ask God to reveal to you what is inside your heart and He will.

Choose to keep moving forward, prayerfully and faithfully rooted on His promises and know above all that He who is in YOU is greater than he who is in the world. You’ve been given all you need. Now it is time to tap into it and begin applying. After all, Jesus died to give you this very power.

Here is to overcoming challenges and NOT giving up! 🙂

In health and God Bless you,


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