Making the choice to be HAPPY with Motivational Speaker Ashley Poptodorova



Happiness. So many desire it but few ever attain true, deep everlasting happiness. Why is this? How can we turn things around so that happiness flows plentiful for all of us? I believe that many people think happiness is directly tied to things and circumstances. If you allow your happiness to be tied to your circumstances, you will surely encounter disappointment.

Happiness is a choice. No matter what your circumstances are. No matter the trials or tribulations that life presents, happiness is a determined point of view and a constant choice. A desire that one has in their deepest depths to seek joy amidst the chaos. I recently read a quote that said “Happiness is a form of courage” and I loved it! Choosing to be HAPPY and seek the good from the bad takes courage. Not only is it a challenge for us as humans, it is in direct opposition to the world’s way of doing things.

I encourage you today to CHOOSE HAPPINESS. Choose to seek out the brighter things in your life and keep your eyes focused on the good. For every bad thing that happens there are two blessings. I know that at times in life, it can be so hard to keep this focus. As 1 John 4:4 so perfectly states,  “He who is in YOU is greater than he who is in the world”.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit you will be given the wisdom, knowledge and support needed to make the right choices for you life, including the choice to be happy. God will never leave you alone or unprepared. All of the tools are yours once you make the decision to dedicate your life to Him.

Here are some simple ways to add happiness back into your life, or at the very least, increase your happiness!  I have been through so much in my life friends and without the unconditional love of Jesus Christ I wouldn’t be a tenth of where I am at today, nor would I have the peace of mind, deep joy and happiness and GRATEFULNESS that I do for life. I hope this little things help… remember, the little things are usually the “big” things in life!

#1) Seek the one who loves you, created you and knows you! The world will never be able to fill the giant hole of sadness that lies within without the one who created everything. Jesus loves you, wants to know you and He is waiting with open arms. Happiness starts here.

#2) Do something you love EACH day. Don’t know what it is you love? Take the time to get to know YOU. Each day you need to focus on one thing. Whether it be writing, walking on the beach, calling a friend, taking quiet time alone to journal or hit the gym… you’ve got to take this time.

#3) Make your “happy list” which you hang on the fridge, bathroom mirror and car… remember, VISUALIZATION is key! What is a happy list? A list of everything you are grateful for. Sometimes, just seeing these things takes your mind to that place (or those people) and will bring a smile to your face.

#4) Sit in the sun. Each day, I like to sit outside and let the warm sun hit my face. I reflect on the beauty our Lord created and all of the amazing things in my life. Give praises to the one who gives you these things too.

#5) Avoid Negative people! Into each life… many will fall! CHOOSE to stay away from those who belittle your ambitions, bring you down or repeatedly hurt you. The more negativity you remove from your life the more you open yourself up to all of the GREAT things God has in store.

#6) Focus on healing. Don’t mask the pain of the past rather, seek to truly let God heal those places of your heart that have been so hurt. Open up to someone you trust (I opened up to a dear friend and also my Pastor) but I highly recommend you be careful not to seek “worldly” advice. You need strong biblical guidance to navigate this crazy word. Remember, text-book has a place but the “Book of life” holds ALL of the answers.

#7) Make a list of the things you love about you! We are all fantastic and have such a beautiful place in this world! Do you know your place? Get to know you and what makes you so special. Write out your vision and dream for your life and know this…. you have a very special purpose in this world. Take the time to get to know what makes you so amazing!

Well, there you have it! I love the #7- it stands for COMPLETION and WHOLENESS. Here is to you choosing happiness friends. You deserve this and others deserve to be happy because of what YOU bring to their lives!

God bless you and reach out if you ever need anything!



be happy for this moment








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