10 things to smile about no matter what kind of day your having- Ashley Poptodorova


Hello friends and happy Thursday!

You know, I was just driving yesterday and thinking to myself- there are SO many things to smile about! Truly… no matter what kind of day we are having, there is ALWAYS something to smile about! I know your so excited to get to “smiling” so I won’t leave you hanging, lets get to it!

#1) You have a God that adores you and loves you no matter what!! I mean COME ON.. how great is that!? Despite our constant shortcomings or failures, we serve a GRACIOUS God that wants to bless us! Now, THAT is something to smile about!

#2) Each new day is a FRESH chance to begin again! Go ahead, smile!! This is awesome! No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, each day is a fresh chance. JUMP ON IT (and do it with a smile on your face!)

#3) The gift of LIFE! If you are reading this- God has granted you another chance and another day! Be thankful for the gift of life (and yes, of course, SMILE!)

#4) You can always take a nap! Yep… I know some of you are thinking I’m crazy for putting this one down but seriously… even if its just 10 minutes in the car with the newspaper hiding your face- catnaps work wonders and you CAN sneak away for a few to grab one (JUST DON’T OVERSLEEP!)

#5) Friends! Who doesn’t smile when they think of their friends? Need a boost or need a reason to smile? Call one of your friends in the middle of the day just to say HI! It will put a smile on both of your faces! 🙂

#6) Changes….! Smile because YOU have the choice (YES, no matter what!) to change if you are not happy! Don’t like something? YOU have the power to change it!

#7) Choice- Each day you can make different choices! I seriously think this is something huge to smile about!! We are living in a country that offers freedom of choice! This is a blessing and something many give their lives to experience. SMILE!

#8) LOVE- You know, I know many people who feel like they have NO ONE but you know what? This is a lie of the enemy! Of course the enemy wants  you to believe this but God says otherwise! He loves you SO incredibly much (so much so that He sent His son to die on the Cross for YOU!) so you DO have someone who loves you (UNCONDITIONALLY!) Smile 😉

#9) YOU are AWESOME! Yes!! Smile because there is NO ONE like YOU! The world needs just what you have to offer. Sometimes, you may not feel it but again- these are lies of the enemy! You are special, unique and you bring something to this world that no one else can so SMILE and ROCK ON!

#10) Smile because you have the FREEDOM to live in a country that allows you to change something if you don’t like it, make different choices EACH day, speak freely and love whomever you choose! You are FREE to stand up at any moment and say THIS IS NOT how the story is going to end. SMILE and take ownership friends.

Listen, I know life can be tough (Um… trust me!) I have been through SO much in my time here on Earth and cried many tears but you know what? You serve a God who is bigger and stronger than ANYTHING you can ever come up against and you have WAY more than the 10 reasons above to smile! What you focus on … well, its what you focus on! CHOOSE to focus on the good!

Hugs (and health!)


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