Overcoming fear with Inspirational speaker, Ashley Poptodorova


I wanted to blog about something today that will hit close to home with many of you… OVERCOMING FEAR OF FAILURE! I am doing a bible study class at my church each Monday and this has been a topic of interest. So many people never experience the fullness of life or all that God has in store for them because they close themselves off for fear of failure. It is my hopes to encourage you through this post to keep going and press forward boldly on God’s promises for your life!

How many times in your life have you passed up a beautiful opportunity for fear of failing? Have you ever stopped yourself from getting close to someone because you were afraid? So many times, we block ourselves and stop great things from happening because of FEAR! Fear can take many forms too, leaving you feeling unsatisfied and miserable. It does not just display itself in our careers but it can filter to our personal relationships, family  and things that mean so much to us. If fear is not dealt with, it can even be passed on for generations, literally debilitating lineages. “Fear not” however, because I am going to post some great tips and suggestions here today that you can start applying right away! It is my hopes that by the end of this, you will step out in FAITH and stomp on FEAR!

Lets start by looking at some ways FEAR can attack our lives and deal with those first. Have you ever experienced an incident where you passed up something you REALLY wanted because you were scared? I know I have, and I thank God every day He helped me to overcome!

Fear can paralyze so many areas of our lives including our family, careers, spouses/marriages/relationships, hobbies and passions. You see, fear is like venom when injected it can potentially cause paralysis!! The “anti venom” of fear however is FAITH and TRUST in your abilities! (I know, much easier said than done). Now, I could give you advice based on the worlds views on overcoming fear, but I do not feel at all in my heart like this is the answer. In fact, I know it is not. There are times in your life where self help books, cd’s, classes and workshops etc will help you… but I think of these as “medicine” to mask the symptoms. To truly experience a deep inner healing and to enable yourself to be empowered for a lifetime, this involves strengthening your relationship with God and letting Him work in the innermost parts of your heart.

Some of you may not be prepared for that answer, but I encourage you to keep reading and take it from a former “Fear phoebe” that this is the only true way of experiencing true belief in oneself. What is the opposite of FEAR? FAITH! I had to step out in faith in my life believing that God had more in store for me and my life than just “getting by”… and you know what? He does! He has such great plans for you and your life! How do you know however, what these plans are (or how to fight the weapons of the world) without knowing Him?

This is where I had to start. I had to lay down my way of doing things, my need to control situations, my fears and doubts and had to start literally spoon-feeding myself the word! I had to dive in and really start to seek out the deeper meaning to life! God enables you too friends. Do not ever think that you are in this alone, He is your parent and while there are tough lessons that will lie ahead, He will never ever leave you. He will teach you and guide you. He will properly equip you with His tools and weapons to fight the things of the world.

I won’t say this is an easy process, fear of failure is usually ingrained in us. Either from the way we were raised to the way we grew up! However, if YOU choose to rid your life of these debilitating “diseases” you will be able to. For me, it meant having to go back and “relearn” things. I had to re-teach myself lessons, morals and concepts. In many cases, I had to learn these for the first time. Learning to let go of FEAR was a big issue in my life. I had to start to become VERY choosy about my network and whom I chose to surround myself with. My whole life had to change.

MY BIGGEST FEAR was abandonment (remember, I said fear can take many forms). I had such a fear of loss and losing those close to me. I was incredibly needy in the beginning of my relationship with my husband because I had a deep fear of abandonment that almost suffocated my relationship. You see, nothing good ever comes of fear, doubt and self sabotage (ever!). This all stemmed from the way I grew up. If I continued to pacify this situation, it would only get worse and rear its ugly head more! I was NOT going to let this take over my life. You do not have to either.

So, now that you’ve taken this giant first step of recognizing your need to change aspects of your life, and strengthening your relationship with Christ, you will be well on your way to squashing FEAR (and many other lies of satan!). Trust me, there are bucket loads more. The next thing to begin to do is really write out those things that scare you! Blog, journal, write on a post it note … just write it so that you can SEE what your fears are. So many times, we live in a “trance” if you will just going about the same mundane things in an almost “unconscious” way.  We don’t even realize the self sabotage that we bombard ourselves with daily. I am a huge advocate of writing things down so that you can begin to focus on these areas one day at a time.  Post these things where they can be seen each day and commit to taking steps to eliminate these fears from your life.

Address each fear and really dig in deep to see why it is you think it cannot be achieved. Then, write down all of the things you would have to do accomplish your goals and knock out your fears! Each day say to yourself “I will NOT let my fears inhibit me from living the life God created and has planned for me”…. “Today, I will commit to one small “fear facing” task until I cross every fear off of my list! Seriously, I get excited just thinking about it! You will be a fear facing champ in no time!

Now, I don’t want to put a damper on this exciting moment but prepare yourself! There is an enemy out there who tries equally as hard to bring your down! The last thing satan wants is YOU living the life of your dreams and fulfilling Gods purpose on your life. FEAR (I repeat… FEAR!!) is one of his biggest tools and weapons that satan uses! You must put on the armor of God and prepare yourself for opposition. If you are studying the word and deepening your relationship with Christ however, you will know that these are lame and weakened attempts and you serve on the winning side! YOU CAN OVERCOME and live a life of abundance, blessings and happiness (completely at peace with yourself). Doesn’t this sound amazing? Well, being a fitness enthusiast I must compare it to what I know. If you want an athletic physique you must put in TIME and WORK! The same goes with your life… if you want peace, happiness, containment and JOY you must also work it. It doesn’t just fall in your lap.

Facing your fears takes courage. It takes an unwillingness to settle and a hunger for something deeper and more profound in your life. It cannot be faced or dealt with by going “around” it. You simply have to go through it. While this can be challenging and uncomfortable, it will be the most rewarding thing if you are willing to step up and say “no more!” Your life is meaningful. YOU are meaningful and God has a deeper plan for your life than anything you may imagine at this moment.

I got tired of surviving, thriving and striving the worldly way. I made a decision to step up on ALL levels and say “here I am Lord! I am your student, your child and I know you want more for me. Teach me how to want (and achieve) more for myself.” When you do this (and mean it) your life changes. Period. All of a sudden you stop caring what “people” think and you start wanting more of the blessings and good stuff!! 🙂

As a quick recap, face your fears by doing the following:

*Get to know yourself and Christ better!

*Stay in the word DAILY

*Write out your fears

*Write out your TO DO list on overcoming your fears

*Do one small thing (or more!) per day to mark off your accomplishments and fear squashing TO DO list!

*Prepare yourself by learning satans weak and meek lies

* Know that He who is in YOU is greater than he who is in the world

*Start to love yourself and do things that make you feel accomplished daily!

I hope this helps friends! If nothing else, remember… there are NEVER failures. ONLY LESSONS!

God Bless,

Ashley Poptodorova


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