What seems to us as bitter trials are often BLESSINGS in disguise by: Ashley Poptodorova

I adore this quote! How many times have you faced trials and bitter times in your life? I am sure there have been many! The very fact that you are here reading this post means you are either through the storm, or on the verge of it! I want to encourage you today that if you are not yet through the storm .. keep holding on! God is great and fully capable. Remember, He does not need our help. He only needs for us to be still. Yes, I know. This can be hard when you are in the midst of chaos.
How many times in life have you yearned for something so much and wanted something so badly you could taste it? I know I have! God has a unique way of opening some doors and shutting others and when a door that (YOU!) wanted to open slams in your face, it can be a hard thing.
However, looking back… how many times were you GLAD that door shut?
This has happened to me several times. In looking back, there have been several huge life events that God did not allow to happen and at the time I was so upset. Yet, now I look back and I am seriously thankful that these things did not pan out!  I think that God opens and shuts doors to teach us valuable lessons in our lives. 
On the flip side, sometimes doors open that YOU want to open, but  you desire this for the wrong reasons. God has a way of letting some doors open in order to grow us and teach us. It can be lessons of maturity to gratefulness and appreciation. They key is to be fully trusting throughout and to know that through it all, you are learning.
Now, lets talk about the bitter trials of life. WOW. I can honestly say, I’ve had my share including recently. These are the times that test you to the deepest core of who you are. It is times like these that you see what you are really made of, and how much of God is in you! These are the times in life that seem to demand every last morsel of you and at times, you are left to wonder… will you make it through? I love this question and I can LOUDLY SCREAM… YES!!! You WILL make it through! Through the bitter trials of life spawn some of Gods greatest gifts and blessings!
Recently, my hubby and I were humbled with an experience we went through regarding something that meant so much to us. God literally stripped us until we were moldable and teachable. Make sense? He will take away those things in your life that are getting in the way of Him in order to fill you with MORE of Him! 
When you come out of this experience (whatever it may be in your life) it is amazing. You learn to see things through different eyes and have an appreciation and understanding of what was lacking in your life. God uses these lessons to reveal to you things about yourself (and others) that you would not be able to see through cloudy vision. He removes the veil.
Alex and I were able to gain a fresh new perspective on our life and the things that really matter. God taught us about holding back (letting go of the need to have the last word), being mature and turning the other cheek. He revealed to us cracks in our lives (and marriage) that needed His spackle to fix and He taught us all of the beautiful lessons that we NEVER would have learned without  first enduring the trials!
Through it all, we know that His plan and vision is far greater than ours and while we still can’t see the whole picture, we know that He had it painted long before we got here. It is exciting when you think about it! Imagine a parent with their child. The whole objective is for the parent to raise their child in the way that they should go through teaching them valuable lessons, sharing in experiences, supporting them while still disciplining and guiding them.  This is what God does for us. He loves us unconditionally but this does not mean He won’t discipline us by opening and shutting doors. Too many people expect the “blessing” without the trials (lessons) and it just can’t be.
I just want to encourage you to keep pressing forward no matter where you are in your journey! You have a purpose here and your blessing is waiting but if it is not coming just yet, do not give up. There still may be something God has to teach you!
Remember, nothing is in vain especially in the Kingdom of God!
I hope this helps you with whatever you are going through and remember, what seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise. ~Oscar Wilde
Have a great evening friends and God Bless!

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