Practical ways to lead a passionate and motivated life with Motivational Speaker, Ashley Poptodorova

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I will make today’s blog post short and sweet but I just have to share these practical ways for leading a life of passion and MOTIVATION! TOO many people are leading lives that are mundane and many are just “complacent” in their daily roles.  I believe it is every persons right to execute the tools to carry out a joyful and passionate life and to play it safe, I will make sure you know what these are (according to my life!) and the lives of many happy people I know and share time with.

First and foremost- TIME! Ok.. I know you can’t build more HOURS in the day  but what you can control is the way your time is allocated. It is KEY to carve even just one small hour a day to do things YOU love! Learn about yourself during this time. Hone your skills or play with your hobby! Read or write or just sit and think! This world functions MUCH too fast and we need to spend time with “ourselves” getting to know what makes us TICK and  makes our passions flow! Doing this, can easily open the door to many opportunities that otherwise would have been missed. Who knows, in one small hour per day you could build the foundation to do something different with your life. I know that the happiest people are those who do not differentiate between work and play. It all starts with your calendar friends. Build in time for YOU!

Secondly, LAUGH! Laugh at yourself and smile ALOT! Practice (we literally have to PRACTICE THIS!) smiling at others. Make eye contact and just SMILE BIG! Warning ** Not everyone is in a place in their life where they can handle this. Not everyone will smile back. In fact, some will look at you like you are downright crazy! (LOL!) But you know what?? It is not about them. It is about YOU learning to spread JOY and HAPPINESS in this world. When you do this, you increase your inner happiness, confidence and you suddenly start to feel more passion and motivation because YOU are controlling YOU and not others. Get it?? It works!

Seek out like-minded friends or groups! Notice I did not say “forums” … there is a time and place for EVERY tool in the toolbox but the key is to increase your relationships and social surrounding. The internet, in all of its “coolness” does not replace having a face to face conversation with someone. There are key skills that we learn when interacting with others that simply cannot be done via laptop (Skype…maybe!) The key is to form a foundation and strong friendships. Engage with people who you want to be like or enjoy more of. Quick note Who you hang around says a lot about YOU. Choose people who want to build you up, encourage you and become a positive force in your life. Do not just “choose” people for acceptance. Acceptance starts with YOU accepting YOU! 😉

Exercise and eat healthy- I mean come on, you didn’t think I would forgo this amazing “tidbit” did you?? Exercise releases FEEL GOOD endorphins that make you feel happy and motivated! It is seriously one of the most “free” forms of FEEL GOOD MOJO out there (unless you hire a kick butt Fitness professional like myself!) Eating healthy cleanses your body and your mind! You start to FEEL better, LOOK better and THINK BETTER!! What and how you treat your body directly relates to HOW YOU FEEL. Simple as that.

Learn from the “rainy” days so you can enjoy the sunny days! Each life will be full of trials, circumstances and hard times. ALL of them!! Yes, including me! Lol! I didn’t escape that…! Take these moments in life to learn and evaluate them! Seek out the lessons. I am telling you… some of the HARDEST and most trying times in my life laid that groundwork for the amazing life I have today because I learned from them! I was determined not to just “live through them”.

I saved the best for last. Get to know the man upstairs! Christ has such a never-ending deep and unconditional love for YOU! He has the tools and knowledge to help guide you in life and truly make sense out of the madness. I can honestly say, without Him I have NO IDEA WHERE I WOULD BE! Ok… I would be up “crap” creek without a paddle.. I mean seriously! I am speaking in lingo I know we ALL understand.

God has a place for you RIGHT HERE IN THIS CRAZY WORLD but if you do not take time to know Him and understand Him… how can you understand life? How can you really experience true deep inner JOY? Knock, knock…. someone is at the door. It is up to you to answer but if you really want your life to change… I would.

I hope this helps! These are ALL things that have added such tremendous value to my life and I hope that you find a place for some of these things in your life. Remember, life is NOT just about deadlines, running around like crazy, paying bills and stressing out. It is about FAR more than that but it requires YOU to do the work.

In health and with happiness,


Just having fun like always! ;) Life is too short!

Just having fun like always! 😉 Life is too short!


Life is ALWAYS better with like minded friends! :) They are the "spice" in spice cake! :)

Life is ALWAYS better with like minded friends! 🙂 They are the “spice” in spice cake! 🙂




4 thoughts on “Practical ways to lead a passionate and motivated life with Motivational Speaker, Ashley Poptodorova

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    • Ashley Poptodorova says:

      Thank you so much! I truly appreciate the kind comments and try very hard to put out positive, uplifting information that can help people overcome!! 🙂 Have a lovely day and in health,
      Ashley Poptodorova

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