The joys of life… and friendship with Inspirational Speaker, Ashley Poptodorova


I can pretty much say this is how I live my life, believing something wonderful is about to happen. I love to be a “glass is half full” kinda gal and just know that deep down, it is wired in my DNA. I don’t know how to be anything else really… and I honestly do not want to. There is a freedom in thinking like this. At the very least, it temporarily free’s you from the burden of “life” and its sometimes turbulent twists and turns. Believing that something wonderful is about to happen (and just around the corner) gives you HOPE and hope keeps the heart happy. When something wonderful DOES happen… it just makes you want to turn your eyes upward and give praise!

I LOVE when God makes these wonderful things happen! He really has a way of opening up your heart and making it ready for what He wants!

One of these moments in my life was what I call a pure “burst” of awesomeness! I was in my monthly networking meeting and I had the pleasure of meeting our speaker (Registered Dietician and nutritionist) Abigail Dougherty! Being very into health and fitness myself, I was so excited to hear our “monthly speaker” and I knew right away from the first intro (LOL!) that she and I were going to click. As I recalled to Abigail later, I kept nudging my mentor/Pastor Debie the WHOLE time Abigail spoke saying “OMG! She is just like me!! I feel like I know her!” “OMG!! I say the SAME things about my hubby!” It was wild.

Have you ever met someone that was just familiar to your spirit? As Bobbie Suzette (Author of God Appointments) says… sometimes, people are just familiar to your spirit. It’s like you’ve known each other forever without knowing each other a day. Well, Abigail was familiar to my spirit and I had to get to know her better!

What followed was a ‘Pure’ly Magical Monday as Abigail calls it… and it WAS! We ended up meeting at 11 am on a Monday and spent the next 6 hours talking over coffee, working out (Pure Barre Tampa… TOTALLY AMAZING SESSION BY THE WAY!  and followed it with an incredible and healthy (of course!) lunch. There was so much to talk about. We laughed ALOT and opened up about life, business, shared ideas and thoughts and really just enjoyed each other’s  familiar spirits.

I can honestly say that when I left… my heart was HAPPY! I knew that God crossed our paths for such a time and place as that Monday where we both started the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

When I got home, I felt renewed and refreshed. Almost like God breathed a fresh breath of air right into me! I needed this more than I knew. I got to thinking too about my life and how for so many years I had a wall up so thick, that a stick of dynamite wouldn’t tear it down. Beneath that wall was pain and hurt and a desire for MORE but a heart that had been so hurt it didn’t know how to open up to anyone. Much less… a friend.

Opening up to someone and sharing with someone your thoughts, hopes, goals and dreams makes you vulnerable. It is a scary place to be when you’ve been hurt. So many people live their life limited to “arms length” friendships because they do not know the AMAZING power of Gods healing!

Fortunately for me, I went through the very painful process of beginning to heal and let God remove this infection and pain from the deepest places of my heart. I started to face (TRULY FACE!) my pain in the summer of 2011.

My being willing to meet someone new and spend a whole day was a huge measure of my healing and the strides God was making in my life and my heart! 🙂

The bold move of meeting a (new!) friend that I did not know was a HUGE step in showing what God can do with a broken heart! I was so excited to meet Abigail and eagerly planned this whole day without stopping to think of any “fears” or “self limiting thoughts”… I just felt like I had to go, and I went!

You see, for someone who has lived almost their whole life with a VERY thick wall, this is a HUGE STEP! It is kind of like an alcoholic being sober for their first year. To some, its not a big deal but to them… it is LIFE CHANGING! It is proof of what God can do.

HE can break down barriers, walls and chains that hold you in bondage. He wants SO much more for YOU! Friendship, love, happiness, joy, peace and more. We were not created to live in pain and with daily hurt. He see’s the depth of our hearts and He loves us the same. He died so that we could LIVE and come into the fullness of all that He has to offer.

I encourage you today, to seek the JOY’S of life and the gifts that are waiting for you if you are just willing to reach out and grab them. It will take focusing on the DEEP (and often times, VERY painful) places in your heart. It may take opening up about things that have been closed off for years but there is FREEDOM in this. You do not have to live another second in bondage and chains.

Life really is beautiful… and there are always wonderful things about to happen. If you are too focused on the pain within you, you will never see the beauty around you. Open yourself up to the joys of life…. and friendship. It really is the spice of life.

Here is to joy in your heart and wonderful things all around you!

God bless,



The picture ABOVE is Abigail and I at Pure Barre TAMPA! So much fun! You’ve got to try this place! Visit

or find them on Facebook at:


Me enjoying a REALLY delicious lunch with great conversation! A lot to smile about! 🙂 Praise God!


Abigail and her amazing salad! What a great day it was!

Visit Abigail at and check out her blog too! 🙂

3 thoughts on “The joys of life… and friendship with Inspirational Speaker, Ashley Poptodorova

  1. pepperspecial13 says:

    Another one Ashley…It is so much what I want in life….With God I believe!! Love 2 ya & God Bless

    On Wed, 6 Feb 2013 04:55:11 +0000

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