Practical tips to increase your self esteem with Ashley Poptodorova


Today’s post is very exciting for me!! I am really looking forward to sharing these practical tips for improving self esteem with you because I know that these things have tremendously helped me in my life! Most of what I have learned in my life is from weathering the storms and going through the tough lessons myself. I hope that you can gain morsels of knowledge from this post and that going forward you become your own “best friend.”

So many people are used to functioning with a less than optimal mindset. Too many people are doing things they do not want to do and most people (if you ask them) engage in DAILY negative self talk and self limiting beliefs. I know firsthand that this vicious cycle only brings about PAIN and produces ZERO results towards improving your life!

I want to help you end this cycle if you are trapped in it! Read this post (and re-read) and hang it where you can see it daily! Remember, out of sight-out of mind. You have what it takes inside of you (RIGHT NOW!) to succeed but it starts with changing your mindset and your inner voice.

Lets begin…!

1) Biggest rule for improving your self esteem… TALK TO YOURSELF! YEP! Become AWARE of that voice in your head and start to TRAIN it to speak positive and empowering thoughts to you. You see, this voice is often times a “silent killer” because we become so immune to our daily self bashing that we almost do not even hear it. It becomes a “part” of us if you will and can become easily ingrained into our subconscious.

NOT ANYMORE! Start to think about the thoughts that cross your mind each day. Become aware of them and start to analyze them into 2 sections- POSITIVE or “good for me” OR NEGATIVE “bad for me” You do this by acknowledging the thought and then asking “Will this thought help me and propel me forward or it is this thought negative and self limiting?
If you answer the latter, it is VERY important to go back and have what I call a “redo” you reprogram yourself with positive thoughts/affirmations. You must do this relentlessly because it WILL take more than a few times to really sink in.

2) JOURNAL your experience with retraining your thinking! This includes writing down the negative self limiting thoughts and beliefs you feed yourself DAILY and then, follow that up with your “NEW” way of thinking! Journal your goals, hopes and dreams constantly! What gets written typically gets done but you must read these postings daily and really engage in a process of thinking about your life and where you are at and WHAT YOU REALLY WANT OUT OF LIFE~! You see, many people spiral into negative self talk because they do not have a SPARK keeping them excited and engaged in their own life!

You can also start with your 30 days of “THINKING to a NEW YOU!” and I will go into this later this week in a different post. It is basically a 30 day program that I am creating to help you in journaling your way to a NEW WAY OF THINKING!!

3) START EACH DAY (EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL!) TELLING YOURSELF WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF! The key here is to speak it out loud. For me, I love my LIFE! I love my ability to motivate and inspire others, I love my heart and my ability to care for people on a deep level, I love my enthusiasm and I love my experiences! People who LOVE things about themselves are not conceited people (this is a negative thought that  the world wants you to believe, most times) Rather, these are people who know their PURPOSE and their VALUE! Which leads me to my 4th tip.

4) Did you know that you have PURPOSE???? You have VALUE???? No matter how hard this is to believe I want you to speak it now, because YOU DO! God says He knew YOU before you were even born.

YOU are so special because you are a child of God. You are WONDERFULLY made, dearly loved and precious in his sight. Before God made you, He KNEW YOU and there is NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU!

WOW… I love this so much I have it written and posted where those who enter my home can see it! YOU ARE WAY TOO SPECIAL TO BE SLOWLY KILLING YOURSELF WITH NEGATIVE SELF TALK AND SELF LIMITING BELIEFS! Start by writing out things that you feel may be your purpose in life ** This will be very hard for some of you but start by writing what you want your purpose to be if you do not quite know what it is yet. Write down the things that make you valuable and so special. When you find your purpose and value, it truly makes it easier to get through each day with excitement and JOY!

5) ENLIST THE HELP OF OTHERS! Ask your friends, family, coworkers, spouse to help you out on this journey to improving your self esteem! Ask them the following questions and write the answers down (MUST WRITE!) OR… you can even type up this questionnaire and email to your list of family/friends to fill out.

What do you think makes me different?

How do I make you smile?

What value do I add to your life?

How would your life be different without me?

What are your favorite qualities about me?

*** When you start to realize how important you are to others, it starts to improve how you FEEL! You realize that you do have an impact on others! 🙂

6) Weekly Review! Each week sit down and read the notes you took, your journal, your friend/family insight and start to focus on putting it all together. You must take a break from the daily grind to spend time alone with yourself in reflection. Start to focus on your future dreams and purpose and reaffirm yourself that you are on the right path. Find a place that is quiet and serene and offers you a surrounding that can allow you this time, distraction free.

7) Still struggling? Enlist the help of a professional who can offer you insight and help working through some of the pain in your life. It is my suggestion to find a Christian counselor who can offer you the tips, tools and biblical principles to help you in navigating this journey. I have an amazing amazing woman whom I adore that helped me quite a bit! 🙂 If you need a great referral just ask.

So there you have it! 7 practical tips to help YOU in improving your self esteem! Some of you may be wondering why I stopped at 7. There is a lot more where that came from but the number “7” in the bible represents completion. Let God do His work in you and you will find that feeling good about yourself becomes second nature. YOU deserve to feel whole, complete, happy and joyful!

My life came with many trials and a lot of pain. I had to learn many lessons the hard way and there was a time in my life that I did not fully believe in myself and all that I was capable of. Negative self talk and self limiting beliefs became a way of life until one day I decided, enough is enough.

Do NOT believe the lies of the enemy, you are wonderfully special! Do the homework so you can start believing it!

In Him,
Ashley Poptodorova


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