Gods hands are bigger than our plans.

Rest in HIM! :)

Rest in HIM! šŸ™‚

Hello friends!

As MANY of you know, I love quotes and am working on a future book of quotes. This one hit home with me and served as a gentle reminder. How many times in life do we try to control everything? We think we know the best things for us and sometimes, we just don’t. Guess what? That is ok! These times have a way of forcing us back into reality and focusing our eyes on the only one who really does know what is best! God. I have faced situations in my life where I was literally crying out for help. Sometimes, we need to do nothing more than REST. Rest in Him and move forward with our days waiting for His desires to be fulfilled. This does not mean that we do not ACT or work hard, quite opposite in fact. We just need to peacefully rest and wait for His desires and wishes to be done in our life. I find that when I do this, everything always works out. Better than I could have ever imagined OR controlled in fact! šŸ˜‰

I wanted to share this with you as I know if it helps me… it will help you!

Here is to a peaceful, joyous and ABUNDANT life!

~XOXO, Ash


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