Strive for Greatness- Women of Purpose 2013 with guest speaker Lisa Whelchel!



Let me just start by saying,  I am  very proud to be a Strive for Greatness (Women of Purpose) Event speaker.  I know that this Ministry is going to be used to touch the lives of women all over and  I saw proof of this in our past 2 conferences. We just recently had our second conference held at the beautiful Grand Hyatt in Tampa, our first was this past October in lovely Harrisburg, PA.
What a great experience this past weekend was! I just love speaking and sharing my heart and testimony with others. I always knew I was going to write and speak but I never knew the degree to which I would share. The more I speak, the more transparent God is calling me to be, we live in a world that is in dire need of the truth and in fact, craving it! Particularly when it comes to addressing women, I feel that they need as much transparency as possible. Most women do not want to feel like they are the ONLY ones enduring certain issues and sometimes, just having other women to share openly makes all of the difference.

This is what Strive for Greatness is all about to me. Real women sharing daily struggles, triumphs and testimonies of Gods awesomeness in their own lives. Strive for Greatness is a network to provide strength, HOPE, encouragement and a message of Gods love for WOMEN!! Many of the speakers who attended our Tampa conference incorporated fantastic biblical teachings throughout their speaking and the testimonies shared real experiences of daily trials and triumph that point straight to Gods GRACE. It is after all about bringing the glory to HIM! 😉

We had amazing speakers travel in from all over including, Kelley Latta (, Bobbie Suzette (, Terri Szaronos ( Not to mention some of our speakers and testimonies from right here in Tampa including, Janet Arnold (the WHO of you), Rachell Moodie, Debbie Krutsinger, Debbie Daharsh, Pastor Debie Kaplan ( and myself (

We had a fantastic Keynote speaker for our Tampa conference, Lisa Whelchel as known from Facts of Life (Blair) and more recently, Survivor (Top 3!) Lisa was perky, fun and made her message hit home with many laughs along the way! She shared openly about her life and her 39 days on Survivor and all that God revealed to her during this time of disconnection from society.

Personally, I feel like each time I speak I continue to be stretched and grown. God is revealing so much to me. I had the opportunity to sneak up to my room before speaking each day and I really just prayed and asked for Gods wisdom and words. I prefer to be led by the Holy Spirit and to go with the needs of the particular audience.

God continues to show me (as recently as this past weekend) that not only does He had a plan for me, He is still teaching me and revealing His purpose. I try hard to be obedient and not to jump ahead of schedule. 🙂 You know, we are no different from children, sometimes we want it “all” right now, when God may be calling us to “wait”. There is growth in waiting and patience really is a virtue.

I had a lovely lady come up to me after I walked off stage Friday and she asked me “How can you share some of that? Isn’t it scary?” (In regards to parts of my testimony, more specifically the testimony of my husband and I) well, being transparent does require us to be vulnerable but God WILL properly equip you if HE is calling you to share. He will protect and guard those places in your heart that need it.

I know that I loved sharing and more importantly, I loved listening!! 😉 There is so much to learn when you tune your ears into what God is trying to tell you. I think that speaking is not just about bringing a powerful message to your audience, it can be about learning from the audience and other speakers as well!

I am blessed to have had the powerful, God inspired weekend and I thank all of my dear friends (including Strive for Greatness owner, Debbie Yoerg) and speakers for making it possible. I look forward to seeing what God does with His ministry and the lives that will be touched because of the obedience of all!

We hope to see you at our next conference and for more info on Strive for Greatness please visit us online at


Ashley Poptodorova



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