Learn the art of becoming your own best friend.

Hello Fabulous friends and followers!

First, I just want to THANK YOU for following this blog. I have SO much that I want to share with the world and knowing there are others who care to read my posts and gain EMPOWERMENT is an AMAZING feeling! I appreciate you and want to keep motivating and inspiring YOU towards your BEST self!

So, do you have a best friend? Someone you confide in and tell everything to? There is SO much to be learned from our best friends. If you ever take the time to dissect your relationship (the good & the bad) you will find there are MANY little “nuggets” to be learned.


Lets explore some of the various lessons to be had.

You can learn how to speak to your best friend in a way that they are receptive to. Have you ever had an argument where your friend totally misunderstood what you were saying?? After painstakingly trying to tell them the SAME thing 10 different ways, one clicks! YEP. I think we have ALL been there. This is a NUGGET. Next time, you will have a better idea of which way to “steer” if you will, in speaking to them.

You can learn how to LET GO! Being your fun, crazy and carefree self has so many advantages. Your friend is your “safe” place to just let go.

You can learn how to apply lessons from your friendship to the game of life and take morsels with you to help deal with other people in your life.

I could go on ALL day about the many lessons we can learn from our  best friends but this is enough to give you an example for where I am going.

I want to challenge your thinking. How many of you actually named YOURSELF as your best friend? (For me, GOD is my #1 buddy ) but outside of God, who actually named themselves?

I know, either a light bulb is going off right now OR you are thinking “this woman is a nut!”

You see, ALL too often people are quick to think of OTHERS before themselves. I am going to challenge you to “step out of the box” and start to view yourself as you would a separate person. NOW, I want you to visualize (whether you agree right now or not) that YOU are your own best friend.

To simply this, lets just take this previous week. How did you talk to your best friend (you)? What types of things did you (or did you not) do? How many times did you get angry and say mean things?

Now, if you were speaking to someone else the same way that you did to yourself this past week, would it build that person up or break them down? In many cases, you may even be able to say “I would NEVER talk to my best friend like that!”

Lets assume you are reading this and suddenly VERY MUCH AWARE that this little “voice” in your head has been beating you up verbally. SO many people get used to this voice and never even realize the destruction it can cause. I am going to offer you some little morsels of HOPE and ADVICE that can greatly change the direction you are headed.

WHY is it ok to have negative self talk with yourself and beat yourself up (but not ok to do this to others)? I encourage you to start viewing yourself as a separate person and becoming VERY much aware of the voice inside your head.

If you look in the mirror and say “I am fat” … I want you to ACKNOWLEDGE this and then ask yourself  the following question: Would I say this to my friend or coworker? If the answer is NO (which I hope it is!) then why on earth do you speak to yourself like this?

It is hard to break up with a negative best friend (negative inner voice) but VERY possible. If you start to take care of and nurture yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised as to the outcome. People who speak positively to themselves are shown to have better overall performance in life (personally AND professionally).

Now, don’t get me wrong. Remember my analogy at the beginning of this post? It’s not necessarily WHAT you say to yourself as much as HOW you say it. Therefore, productive driven individuals can effectively coach themselves and offer POSITIVE reinforcement even when change is needed.

In case I may be losing you, here is an example:

You are up for promotion. You find out you don’t get it.

Person A- I SUCK! What did I do wrong? I must be a horrible employee. UGHH!!!!

Person B- Its ok. I tried and I gave it my best shot. I will go to my manager tomorrow to see what areas I can improve upon. The market is full of great employees. I’m happy Bob got a great promotion and I look forward to mine soon. I just have a few things to tweak to make it happen. Lets do this!

Now… Person A is totally destined to fall into the NEGATIVE spin cycle of life whereas Person B is totally open-minded and reassuring to themselves.

I hope this helps you. It can apply to ALL aspects of your life friends but I want to leave you with ONE thought. At the end of the day, you can always take space from a friend/family member or coworker if needed. YOU simply can’t break free from the “best friend” or voice in your head. This is why it is SO important to start rewire yourself to become your own VERY GOOD BEST FRIEND! You can never get away from that voice therefore it will either become your best friend or BIGGEST ENEMY.

You must choose which one it will be. I hope this helps! 🙂 Need some positive reinforcement, just send me a message! I would love to help offer tips.

In health,

Ashley Poptodorova



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