Dreaming it and BELIEVING IT!

Hello friends!

It is such a pleasure to be bringing you yet another post to motivate, inspire and empower YOU! I am sitting at a quaint cafe in Michigan and it is COLD! This Florida girl is not used to this weather but I welcome the cool and crisp air which somehow always seems to help facilitate “clearer thinking”.

I just finished two back to back speaking engagements in PA and WI. I have to say, there is nothing like feeling ALIVE in what you do! I just have such a passion for speaking and feel like I come alive when I am motivating others! Do you have something in your life that you DREAM of doing?

What are you doing each day to bring you one step closer to these dreams? You see, dreams are only good when we put them into action! Do you believe that you have it within you to achieve your dreams? In my years of motivating (not only myself) but others, I have found a disconnect with many people between their dreams and actual “belief” that these dreams CAN happen.

I encourage you to write out your goals and dreams and place these “golden nuggets” where you can see them everyday. Start to visualize on them and condition yourself to do the things EACH day which will bring you closer to your dreams.

Let me give you an example from my own life, I have a passion and a love for speaking and writing. It makes me come alive, makes my heart beat and makes me feel more in “sync” than anything else, ever in my life!! This past weekend I was able to speak on stage along with MANY pioneers in the Leadership and Longevity world including the world-renowned, Brian Tracy. I was blessed to have “a chance”  to speak by someone who ironically, did not know me too well. What a blessing this was! Equally as important, however, was my belief in MYSELF! What good are “chances” if we don’t believe inside that we can make the very most of them? That we deserve to have the opportunity to make a difference?

At the forefront of every great man is a strong and AMAZING God (whether man choose to acknowledge or not). I always keep my dreams and passions beating strong with the strength given by HIM. What does this mean? We live in a world that is fueled by challenges, setbacks and yes, SADNESS! A world that may not tell you that you are worthy and deserving of great things! It is key (ABOVE ALL!) to seek Christ and really search out HIS purpose for your life! You will see that aligning yourself with Jesus Christ is the fuel for anything you ever want to do! HE will open doors that no man can shut and HE will give you strength in a world that is not capable of doing so. NO ONE can do it as good as Jesus Christ can. I encourage you to set the foundation for your DREAMS with Jesus Christ.

So, the moral of today’s short story is SEE IT, DREAM IT, BELIEVE IT! Go out there and live the life that you are destined to live. It all starts in YOU. Inside of you, lies a magnificence and ability to turn anything into good! ALL OF THE GREAT THINGS IN MY LIFE SPAWNED FROM SADNESS because I aligned myself with Christ and I believed in the beauty of my dreams. It is because of this, that I did not become a “product” of my environment, rather, a joyous passionate woman of Christ who used ALL things bad in my life… to make my dreams come true! 🙂

God Bless you all and keep dreaming…!



2 thoughts on “Dreaming it and BELIEVING IT!

  1. choiceseveryday says:

    Ashley, I have been in constant prayer about many things, paths, direction, which I should be taking…lately I have had a very strong PULL to pursue a career in the areas in which I am naturally GIFTED in….which are encouragement, nurturing, speaking and writing. The moment I get into work I read your post. Another affirmation……Thank you!

    • Ashley Poptodorova says:

      This makes me SO happy to hear! I really feel like life is so short and SO precious! We must live each moment to the fullest! Here is to you pursuing your passions! Best of luck and go get um! 😉 ~Ash

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