Creating POWERFUL and POSITIVE change!


Hello friends!

You know, I’ve really missed you and am glad to be back to my routine of blogging! I have been going through SO much CHANGE in my life lately… and it really got me thinking. How do we take the changes and the fear of the “unknown” and really make it powerful and positive? I must say, I am on the brink of new and exciting things in my world. My darling husband and I recently sold our business of almost 7 years to pursue a complete change in our lives. He is back in school to pursue his N.D. (Holistic Physician) degree and I am eagerly working on writing my books and pursuing a vibrant career in Professional Speaking! WOW! What a complete change we have undergone!

I believe that change can be a beautiful, exciting and vibrant thing in our lives IF we learn how to properly embrace it. You see, amidst change, we humans like to think we can “know it all”  Somehow, we would like to think we can foresee what is around the corner and thus have more CONTROL over the situation. MMMM…. reality check friends, this is not always possible. While I know that I am on the brink of new and wonderful things…it is still change and change can be scary. However, if I allowed the “scary” to stop the “change” I would only be hurting me and my precious dreams for the amazingly wonderful life I know I am meant to LIVE and SHARE with others.

So how do you overcome? It is key to really “believe” in yourself and your dreams and to know that sometimes the most BEAUTIFUL GROWTH of the human spirit comes not from knowing what is around the corner, rather, from “not knowing” and trusting. I myself, feel as if growth comes from releasing fears and increasing “faith”. I have been walking through this very scenario for the past 180 days of my life. You must understand that to continue to GROW and flourish you must not remain stagnant. If you give something up, be ready to move forward. If you take a step, be ready to walk. As I always say, face forward because you are going that way.

Allow yourself and the passion that burns deep within you to be made known to the world. Life really is too short to be lived in a box. Fear of change will KEEP you in that box! Without change, I feel we would die. Really! Look at our magnificent world. Can you imagine it with no change? Can you imagine if everyone and EVERYTHING remained the same, always? I think THAT is scary! Now, I am a risk taker. Always have been and always will be. I don’t always know what is going to come of my bold moves in life, but I don’t have to know. I just have to know that I am living life “boldly” and with passion. I live my life  to know that if my last moment were TODAY, I would have spent my life chasing dreams and not confined to a warped sense of what “reality” is or living my life the way the “world” says you have to live it. 

When you live life like this… bold, free and daring and fearing almost nothing (but the Lord!) it gives you a sense of appreciation for how precious life (and CHANGE) really is…. change is the wheel that turns the car friends. It allows you the experience of heading in one direction and choosing to change directions when you feel a turn is needed. It can propel you (PROPEL YOU!) towards your dreams and making them a reality rather than merely “dreaming” with no action.

I don’t think we could be ALIVE without two things in life. Hope and change. I believe strongly that creating change both positive and powerful, has the amazing ability to send waves of positivity through the lives of those who come in contact with you! Personal experience and change offer an education that can’t be taught friends. I encourage you TODAY to look at your life. Are you where you want to be? Are you doing what you want to be doing? Living the life YOU deserve? If not, embrace the beautiful “C” word friends! Welcome it with a renewed sense of hope and gratefulness! YES! We should be so grateful friends to live in a world where we can create change when we need and want it! Focus on the powerful and positive changes taking place in your life and live on FAITH… NOT FEAR! 

Here is to happy, healthy change for us all! Love and hugs…. ~Ash

2 thoughts on “Creating POWERFUL and POSITIVE change!

    • Ashley Poptodorova says:

      Thank you so much Clestine! I miss seeing you and hope that you are doing very well! Stay in touch and keep us up to date.. I know God is doing big things in your life! I am so proud of you too for always following your heart and HIS plan! Hugs~ Ash

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