For anyone who has ever missed someone….

MISS. Four little letters that can hold the weight of the world. For some, these letters make the heart grow “fonder” yet for others, they are a four letter reminder of the empty space our heart holds a reminder of things past. A void sometimes so painful it has the power to bring you to your knees.

Have you ever missed anyone so badly that you literally feel your heart aching? Oh, I have felt the ache. The ache of never knowing and the ache of missing one so badly, I felt as if my breath was being taken away.

I press forward. Not with any strength of my own, rather, strength that Christ gives me. How deep HIS love is for us. Deeper than anyone can imagine. For anyone who has ever missed someone…. keep pressing forward. Press forward in HIS promises.

HE is Lord of all creation. HE knows our aches. HE knows our “misses” and while this does not take the pain away… there is a promise. A promise that HE will fill your empty spaces with more of HIS love. HE is a God who restores what was taken.

Never is there a moment where I do not think of you. Never is there a day that goes by of which I don’t think of your face, your name I twirl in my mind. I MISS you and I LOVE you. You were never forgotten. Not for one second.

I always wonder where you are, what you might be doing. We were at one time, so close. I knew you when I was so young… much time has been placed between us. So much changes when you grow up. You look at life differently. You appreciate differently. You miss MORE. It doesn’t go away. My grandmother once told me “Time heals”

No, time never healed YOU. In fact, much like a simmering stew… it grows more and more intense with TIME. TIME and MISS. Two words that can mean two VERY different things to people.

Yet, God has his ways with my aching heart. HE has found a way to soothe the pain. It is always there, you know. A constant reminder of how much I miss you but HE is such an amazing God HE really is. I have allowed HIM to fill my emptiness with HIS love so that its bearable.

Why is it that the greatest lessons of our life sometimes have to be the most painful? What is it about pain that can tear our hearts apart yet mold us and bring about such determination? My pain made me look to HIM. In my pain I found the one who LOVES and CHERISHES me as much as I do you. MORE. Another four letters… HE LOVES MORE. HE MISSES MORE. This is hard to comprehend but because of YOU, I do. I get it.

Oh, I have pained over you. I have missed you for every second of every minute of which I have been apart from you. I will always love you, I will always miss you. I will always think of you.

For every living breathing moment of my life I will miss you and hope to meet you again one day. Until then,  I will allow Christ to continue to soothe the pain and HEAL that which was taken.

I love you.





3 thoughts on “For anyone who has ever missed someone….

  1. Alyssa A. Ruge says:

    Amazing post…you have such a way with words. It definitely resonated with me and brought me to tears…which isn’t something that happens often. Thank you for your insightful post Ashley. J

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    • Ashley Poptodorova says:

      Hi Alyssa! 😉
      I just saw your comment… first, THANK YOU. It is always reassuring to know there are others who relate and understand. I hope that whatever “miss” you have is soothed my dear. I can’t tell you how much your post meant. Thanks for reading and have a blessed night! ~Ash

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