Why knowing the Bible and God is so important and how I came to know HIM on a deeper level

Hello Friends!

SO excited to be bringing today’s post.  Lately, I have really been diving into the bible more as it has  become clear to me that to achieve the ultimate gift of eternal life in Heaven, I must know the word inside and out. You see, if studying Gods word daily is not a common practice of yours then it leaves you wide open to satan and his attacks. Why? Because you do not know the word of God!

Let me give you a clearer example. Lets say your “book smart” buddy comes over and starts stating statistics and other knowledge on a subject you know nothing about. Lets use mathematics, for example. Well, you “believe in mathematics” and clearly know that this is a curriculum that is taught however, if you do not study math…. and KNOW it through learning, well then, your friend can pretty much tell you whatever he likes and you are forced to accept these facts as you do not have a clear knowledge and understanding.

The SAME goes with the bible. When you know and learn the word of God… then you are less likely to take the “nonsense” that satan feeds us on a daily basis. This does not mean that you can simply pick up the bible and everything becomes clear however. This requires a commitment to “studying” the word and digesting it. Understanding it on a deeper level.

You see, we are currently in the midst of a “spiritual” war and our only line of defense is through prayer and knowing the word of God. This is our weapon. Now, let me explain something to you. I feel this will give you a better idea of where I am coming from through my own personal experience and testimony. When I started out my journey and God really started to work in my heart I was resistant to much of what I am telling you today. I used to think people who spoke of “spiritual” wars were leaning a bit on the ‘wacky’ side. I thought that those people who did not break laws and were overall “nice” people were holding the ticket to Heaven. Once I experienced the true nature of a “spiritual war” in my own life, it became very clear to me how wrong I was. You see, God does not call people to be only “good” but he calls us to OBEY. What does that mean to me? It means that we simply cannot scape by in life doing “just enough” to get by. We must learn what God wants us to do and what he requires of us. How do you learn such things if you are not like an eager child ready to learn? You must have hunger to know his word.

Personally, my back was against a wall… I was facing the TOUGHEST time in my life … EVER (and it was not that long ago!) I had everything in life that anyone could want… yet, there was this emptiness and void that nearly consumed me. I had the happy life, the gorgeous and amazing husband, a successful fitness business, beautiful home, nice cars and the list goes on and on and on… yet, I was miserable inside. I was a good person. WHY were these things happening? Why was I not satisfied? WHY did I keep messing up?

Friends, an incident happened in my life that left me facing everything I ever thought was “real” and I stood on the verge of losing it ALL. It took me getting to the “LOWEST” point to realize that I needed to make some changes. However, when you do not realize that you have such a MAMMOTH problem in the first place, this is harder said than done. Yet, it was during this time that God showed himself to me. He showed himself through the love and mercy of my husband, my friends and my family…. people who stood by me and said “Its ok. Lets pick up and move forward together”.

Yet, after all of the craziness and havoc that ripped through my life much like a Hurricane, it was God speaking to me in my heart… his voice (the Holy Spirit) that left me in awe. He wanted ME and ALL of me. This entire time that I was on the roller coaster and relentless pursuit of “success” I was chasing the wrong things. Those things that don’t last forever.

Instead of seeking knowledge and understanding of God and his word… I (much like many other people) kept striving for those “worldly” things. This my friends, is what left me wide open and vulnerable in my life. satan (I refuse to cap this name) knew that I was not up to date on my knowledge and that I was not protected by Gods word because I was not studying it! Therefore, he crept in and attacked me from all sides. I did not have one line of defense because I did not even know he was coming.

In fact, he knew all of the places that I was weakest and most vulnerable and started attacking there. You see, every day of our lives.. we are in a war. What we do, how we act, the decisions we make… must ALL be accounted for. We WILL stand before God by ourselves, to answer for each of these things. I can thankfully say that MY GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD and he did not leave me to fight this war. He knew I was unprepared and he made himself SO VERY clear to me that my life will never (EVER!) be the same.

It is so amazing how God can open doors and give you gifts such as wisdom and knowledge (I have prayed for both and been given these beautiful gifts) and use things that were meant to harm and destroy you, for such good!! He is an awesome God!

I came across this scripture as quoted by Jesus Christ and it sums everything up. Matthew 7:13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few find it”

WOW!! Need I say more? I have shifted my focus from “worldly pursuits” to pursuing my awesome God! I want to walk through the small gate and along the narrow road because I know that I will get to see God face to face and this alone gives me chills! I can hardly wait!

I encourage you to think about your life. What are you focusing on daily? What things get priority in your life? Do you take more than one hour per week to get to know God? Do you read the Bible and his word?

Friends, in the end of the day the hours you worked, the hours you stressed and the hours you spent doing things that do not Glorify God are all wasted hours. I encourage you to put God back in the CENTER of your life. Make HIM your main focus and priority. He knows what you need, when you need it and he will provide everything.

I hope this brought a fresh perspective to getting to know God and the importance of reading HIS word. Remember, the road to everlasting life is narrow and the gate is small.



5 thoughts on “Why knowing the Bible and God is so important and how I came to know HIM on a deeper level

  1. Jillian Hull says:

    I’m sorry for your turmoil, but I also know that it’s in our darkest moments that God’s light shines the brightest. There is hope in despair. When you have nothing left you are free to fall into the arms of God. He always catches you. Your testimony is proof. Thank you for sharing.

    • Ashley Poptodorova says:

      Thank you Jillian! You know… its funny looking back because I can honestly say “WOW! Thank you God for these trials because in them I found YOU and I found the answer to things many search for”… God truly does take things meant for harm (evil) and uses them for such GREAT things! I am just sitting back and watching in awe! Its awesome! Thank you for reading… hugs!

  2. thebedsedgedisabledandobese says:

    “every word of God is pure”- theeyesoffaith.wordpress.com (As Seen through the Eyes of Faith)

  3. Michelle says:

    Ashley, I just read this piece from your blog and am blessed to have reconnected with your wisdom and kind words to inspire us all.

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