Reconnecting with Nature

My favorite time of year by far has to be when Alex and I pack up and head to the Mountains for our vacation…! We just love being in the midst of such majestic beauty. There is a still calm about us as we travel the twists and turns of back mountain roads. The tall trees looming up above cause your mind to wander to such thoughts as “How old are these trees?” “How many others have driven by these trees and admired their beauty in awe?”

I love  lying my head against the window and gazing as we drive. The sun peeks through the trees and the sunlight playfully bounces off of the tree trunks. The smell of balsam and fresh mountain air collide in a mixture of fascination for your senses. The Mountains seem to go for miles. We drive up the twisting winding roads passing quaint little farm homes along the way. Again, your mind wanders to thoughts of who lives in those homes? What do they do? Do these folks ever get used to such breathtaking views?

Beautiful black and white splotchy cows line the mountain sides, peacefully grazing on their chow and birds playfully chase each other much like a child playing with their best friend. Large hay bails line the country side casting off large shadows that create beautiful silhouettes along the hillsides.

I can’t help but think clearer in these conditions. Nature envelops us on all sides with each side offering different sites to behold. My mind trails off to thoughts of my future and what I want to do with my one wild and precious life. In fact, I find that my mind suddenly becomes “unplugged” and thoughts, ideas and creativity come spilling out. It is for times like these that I keep my Moleskin close by. I ferociously jot down these thoughts as not to lose them. Every thought, picture or scent can become the scene in a story.

As we wind around more twists and turns of endless Mountain roads I snap pictures of anything that causes emotion within me. Sometimes it is a little home that looks so mysterious and old, I can’t help but think it could find a place in a story one day. I am currently working on my first book which is a memoir of sorts with splashes of motivation and inspiration. A book of lessons per say that I learned along the way. One day I just may branch out into fiction and will have plenty of spice and seasonings for those stories. I am a writer. Everything that I ever endured in life was handled and diffused by writing. Sometimes just in private journaling- I was never one who could argue my point with words but I was a force to reckon with when I had a pen in hand. It is in my blood I suppose and for some amazing reason my thoughts and ideas come alive here.

Nature provides us so much more than just a place to build our homes or grow our food. It provides us with endless hours of free entertainment in the form of watching all of the sheer beauty God created. From the tiniest insect to the largest most majestic birds and animals. Perhaps for you, it is the trees and the breeze that playfully blows through them or the town folk that leave you passing by waving and wondering what their life is like.

Nature is to be admired. So many people will never know what it is like to be surrounded in the peace and serenity that Nature so gracefully provides. I encourage you to step out into nature on your next getaway. Experience the excitement that comes from thinking clearly and without confusion. Take your shoes off and walk in the grass (it is called grounding) and experience what it is like to just be in the presence of something much greater than your worries. Stop and talk to the locals and ask as many questions as you feel the need. They will gladly supply you with a wealth of information.

If you love to read and write like me, it will provide you with endless ideas and creative juices. If you just like to be still, nature welcomes that too. Something about being in the middle of nature, away from chaos teasingly encourages you to be a kid again. 🙂

Whatever your experience… just know it is yours. Enjoy it, relish in it and do not be afraid of reconnecting with nature. You can find yourself here.



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