Have you ever helped a child in need?

Growing up in and out of Foster care was no easy feat! I stressed out much too much as a child and had to adapt early on to changing environments and situations – this is never easy for a kid! I remember just wanting stability and a solid foundation. Have you ever gotten involved with your local children’s homes, Foster homes, or Big Brother/Big Sister groups? These are excellent ways to give back to society by helping our youth!

You can change the course of a child’s life by getting involved. Each year, I love to volunteer at the Hillsborough County Foster Angels program… this is just one small way of giving back (there are MANY!) Big Brothers/Big Sisters offers many different programs to assist you. One of my favorites is just visiting a child each day at lunch. ONE hour a day can change a life friends. I am living proof.  I remember gaining so many of my morals from mentors and teachers. You would be amazed at what a child can process!

Give back to society and start with the youth. Many babies will lay their heads down tonight with no one to show them the way. I encourage you.. step up and step in.. to change a life!

Love, hugs and health.

Ashley Nichole

3 thoughts on “Have you ever helped a child in need?

  1. lauracgardner says:

    I’m so glad you posted about your experiences, both growing up in foster care and now, as an adult giving back. It’s nice to hear a success story, and great that you are passing it on, and also spreading the word about all the programs out there. I recently finished training as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), and hope to be able to take my first case soon (I’ve got to find work first though. Income is pretty important:)

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your thoughts!

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