The word of the week- BLESSED! :)

Hello friends!

I am so excited about this new part of my blog the weekly word! This is a word that I want you to think on everyday… at least one time! I want you to think of how it applies to your daily life and when you are faced with moments of triumph or tests of strength, think of this word. Reflect on what it means to you and why it is important at that moment in your life.

I have been getting some great ideas from my loyal Facebook followers and friends on words so I am so thrilled to do this! Please feel free to let me know how these words (and reflection upon them) helps you in your daily journey called LIFE! 🙂

I felt it was completely appropriate to start with the word: BLESSED

Why Blessed? At this moment in my life I am just so richly blessed. Not just in the physical but more importantly in my thoughts! My outlook on life is changing so much and getting better and better. I have always been the positive type but I find that with time comes wisdom.

I find that when moments test me in my journey or life, or days that I may feel not quite myself I can reflect on the word BLESSED and a smile surely forms on my lips.

For me my blessings are my God, my husband and the joy he brings me daily, my adorable pets and my amazing business and passion AAP Fitness. No matter how stressful things can get, or rushed… one thing is certain, I can reflect on this beautiful 7 letter word and find much to be thankful for.

Blessed is defined : of or enjoying happiness ; specifically : Enjoying the bliss of heaven used as a title for a beatified person.

bringing pleasure, contentment or good fortune

Friends- what does BLESSED mean to you? How does this word apply to you right now at this very moment? When life throws you curve balls and challenges how will reflecting on this word make you smile?

We are all blessed-sometimes it takes just reflecting on those blessings!
Here is to a blessed week for you all!

I look forward to hearing back from you and appreciate your comments.

In happiness,

Ashley Nichole

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