~The power of the positive~









Hello Friends and fellow motivators!

This is the first time I have written in this blog for quite sometime now. As many of you know already – I have a health and wellness blog (The AAP Mind & Body Blog) but I find that so many times I just want to blog about motivation and inspiration! The health of your MIND and your thoughts. I appreciate your support by following me here as I run wild with my thoughts and share them freely with you! 🙂

I promise to be free and open with my emotions. I always am…. but here I will let it all run wild. For you to see what is inside of me and how my views and my outlooks and my rich positive outlook were formed.

You know, as a girl who grew up in a place of uncertainty and often times sadness in my surrounding situations – I am pretty darn positive. I have truly found in my life that this strength instilled in my mind was what pulled me through the toughest of situations. NO … I am not living in a fantasy world. Far from it. I know hurt, I know pain, I know sadness. More than most. I have lived through it all.

I have had my heart feel so much sadness at once that it literally felt as if I could not catch my breath. The pain just took it away. I have laid my head down at night with tears just pouring down my cheeks and a blank stare towards the ceiling… just thinking of what was next. Where would I go? What would I do? How would I survive?

In the end of the day – I had a choice to make. Just as it so cleverly says on my Facebook profile. Regret or rejoice. I do not quite remember the age that it happened but I remember just making up my mind. I was going to survive. I was going to get stronger. I was going to learn more and dammit, I was going to live the life that I wanted. The life that I knew I deserved. In my heart, there was this little ember that was always there… it was up to me to ignite it. That ember is within you too and no one, I repeat – no one can put it out but YOU.

This fire within me is my passion. It is my desire to show you, to teach you and to relate to you through MY story. We all have a story- but that does not mean it is written for us. It is up to us to write our own stories. We can not always write our beginnings but we can write our ends. We do not always know how or when our time is to go but we can ensure that our time here on earth was valuable, meaningful and rich.

SO.. getting back to it. I made up my mind. My outlook despite the good and the bad was going to be good. I was determined to find the lesson in all of the bad situations. Have you ever had something so terribly bad  happen that you could barely even fathom trying to find the good? These are often the very situations where there is so much greatness so much to benefit from but it takes someone willing to go through it.

So I ask you… are you willing to go through life as a journey? Are you willing to embrace the good and the bad to learn and grow and more importantly to help others?  It may help you to know that you do not always know when you are helping someone. You see, when you share your pain, your sadness, your story…. you may feel such deep hurt at your very core but while you reflect and share you just may be saving a life…. and you just may never know it.

I always say “Life is not meant to be lived in vain”  We are meant to live through certain lessons and experiences in order to grow and share with others.It is a part of our wiring. We are living, breathing, FEELING beings.

Once I tapped into this, my life changed. I began to realize and approach situations differently. I began to seek the good in the bad. I began to seek the lesson in the experience. I began to live free and boldly. I began to realize the impact I could have not only on others but on ME!

It does not mean you will never cry, my God I have cried.

It does not mean you will never get sad. You will be so saddened at times I have been so sad I have not had the strength to stand. It does mean, when the worst has passed… you will get up. You will dust yourself off. You will wipe your tears and you will study it to learn the lesson and the ways in which you can help others.

It does not mean you will not be scared. Being scared is ok. You will face fearful things in life and moments of intense pain and sadness. The greatest joys and lessons can come from these very moments!

You have this unique beauty. You have this unique person (YOU!) You have the ability to break the chain with one choice.

You have the ability to save a life with just your smile.

You have the ability to be this truly magnificent person you are if you let yourself be that person.

Give yourself a chance. Seek the good in the bad my friends..

There really is power in the positive.

Hugs and health,




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