Practice what we preachy seems pretty peachy :)

You know – I am an observer – always have been. You can plop me on a bench and I can sit there as happy as a bee in honey just watching the people go by.  As I have grown in my life – I find that I observe less of people physically and more of the “inside” of people. The true matter. Peoples ACTIONS. This is where some of the greatest lessons in life come from. You can learn so very much from others.

You can learn habits that are good – and you can learn habits that are bad. You can learn how to treat others and you can learn how NOT to treat others.

I have observed lately one thing that is so prevalent that it just begs me to write about it. I questioned how to do this in a sensitive way – as I am only about the positive reinforcement of others. Yet, some paths in life just have to be walked through and not tip toed around. I have consistently observed a pattern of people PREACHING WHAT THEY DO NOT PRACTICE.

Forgive the silly title but catching your attention was at the top of my list  🙂

These individuals are of all gender – shape and size. We will leave the nature of the “subject” to anything. You can find almost any topic or specialty which individuals make a LIVING on yet do not do themselves. It is astounding. How do you expect to reach the masses and truly make a difference if you are not following one of the biggest requirements ever – PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH.

Now – do NOT get me wrong. There are individuals out there who are well-educated, study immensely and are brilliant. I however, see true knowledge and involvement coming from putting to work the very techniques – recommendations etc that you preach.

I will very vaguely recall a story in which I overheard a health care professional (natural health and detoxification) jokingly say ” On date night I love to get colonics with my spouse and then head to Outback” after which the crowd (all suffering from severe weight gain).. burst into hearty laughter.

I just could not see the humor in this – and for those of you who know me, I am a silly – happy-go-lucky – have a great time and enjoy life kinda gal! It was this type of humor however, that caused me to pause and think to myself – we are in the midst of a severe epidemic. A time in which the world needs the truth. A time in which people are hungry for the WAY. The right way.

All around us we are fed daily advertisements – foods clinics – this and that which promote the way!! The best way!! The easy way! THE EASY WAY!! These are the same people who sit with you for 30 minutes in an office suggesting that you “clean up your diet” “go on a diet” etc and then proceed to the break room for lunch and bust out with a bag of McDonald’s. I am sorry to be so blunt but the two do NOT go together.

I am not here to point fingers or to be critical – I am simply pointing out what needs to be seen.

On another occasion I met a Dr. (we will call him Dr. Suess) who said he owned medi clinics all over. He came to us because he said he needed to workout more. Exercise is difficult to build into his weekly schedule and perhaps this accountability would help. In further discussion with Dr. Suess it was discovered that he would not do the shots or the diet that HIS clinics promoted because it was not healthy. HOLY COWWWWW!!!!! I almost fell off of my chair mid assessment.

What does this mean to YOU? How do you navigate in a world of which everyone is looking for the next best thing and the boat is kept floating by who makes the most money NOT those who make the biggest difference?

For starters – look around you. Start to LISTEN to others and what they say. After you listen, WATCH.

Someone asked me one time (after Alex and I transitioned our diet to mostly RAW/VEGAN) Note: I do NOT classify myself as 100% Raw/Vegan but do incorporate this way of eating into 85-90% of my daily diet.

How hard was it to start promoting raw/vegan after you promoted certain proteins for so long?

EASY. I am ever-changing. Alex is ever-changing. We are growing and learning EVERY SINGLE DAY. We do not have cable. We own books. We opt to spend over 60% of our weekly budget to eating foods that are WHOLESOME and close to nature… organic produce and sprouts.

When we learn a better way a more efficient way – we are NOT AFRAID TO SHARE IT. We do not promote this to everyone as this way of eating takes time to build up to – we are focused first and foremost on helping others to see the poisons that they ingest every single day and to help these people ween off of years of food addictions and habits.

I am going to post a testimony that almost brought a tear to my eye – I had a client whom again, I will not name any names, wrote Alex and I  a testimony and within this he simply stated “It is amazing to see your young children go to the fridge and crave sprouts”

WOW. Mom and Dad learned and shared this with their children – and their children learned from their parents ACTIONS. See the pattern?

In conclusion, I will end with this – we are all hungry for knowledge and so many of us are just yearning for a better way. Look to those who speak from the heart and who lead by their actions.

Actions will always continue to speak louder than words ever will. 🙂

In health,


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