Red light/Green light

Sitting at a red light on the corner of Cross Creek today – my mind began to wonder. Ever had those moments where the sound of cars just drones in the background and you find yourself just wandering through random thoughts?

For some odd reason I began to think of turning 30 ~ this is just over a month away for me and I think to myself – my .. time just goes by so fast.

I think of all that has happened in my years so far and as only the human mind can so cleverly do ~ feel as if it was just a BLINK. I switch thoughts to my hubby Alex – 33 … only 7 years away from 40. As a young child – know it all teen – eager young adult and now – a young career woman who (no DOUBT) knows what she wants – I reflect on all of the conversations with elders and really for the first time in my life grasp how fast time does go by. I now grasp what those words really mean, words which I passed off with a “huff” at one time.

I approach this new phase in my life with excitement – in my world things get better it seems.. you know, the older I get. I learn more and I really appreciate the zest in life. The things I was “too busy” to slow down for before. The older I get – the younger I feel. I attribute this to my commitment to health and wellness.

I reflect on my life and I think of slowing down. Breathing in the fresh air. Maybe taking a road trip ~ soaking up life. I kept thinking of what exactly I wanted to do to bring in 30~

Party or quiet getaway??

I turn up my radio loud – and decide ~ Getaway… sunshine, sand in my toes and time away with the love of my life to do nothing other than just move SLOW.

The light turns green and I’m off at my usual pace.

🙂 ~Ash

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