Society is becoming a pressure cooker – lets do our part to let of some steam!

Every day you leave your home you are sure to encounter one, two if not MORE people who are obviously over stressed – unhappy or just plain out miserable.

Yesterday – I encountered one of the worst ones yet! I was sitting in my car while my hubby ran into Nutrition Smart for a few items… I happened to be just looking into the store – observing those coming and going. Yes – Im the kind of person who can sit on a bench and people watch for hours!

As my eyes fixed themselves on the cashiers having a conversation with a gentleman, I noticed he became increasingly annoyed – flailing his arms and really being over dramatic.

Keep in mind, Im clear across the parking lot – and what happened next just took me for a turn. The obviously frustrated man flings his body towards me and points… I just remember his arm was long like gumpy and his finger was directed smack at my forehead as if I were a dartboard and he was the dart. I could even see the look on his face from that distance and he looked miserable. The poor cashiers – I know with his little performance there must have been spit flying.

At this point – I was a highly confused. Im pretty well known in the community – and Alex and I pride ourselves on our great reputation and our love for people. So what did I do to make this bugger so angry??

Now – one thing I have always done – and will always do is confront situations that I am unsure about – the SECOND they happen. Im not the type of person to just sit in the car while Mr. Finger bores a hole in my head. I had to see what was up.

I get out of the car and proceed to casually walk into the store – at this point Mr. Finger storms out – I look at him – straight into his beady eyes (I’m sorry but they were!) and smile – I smiled my normal Ashley smile and he makes a sort of grunt and gives me the dirtiest, meanest, look ever.

I could not help but laugh once inside – I mean. I don’t even know this guy!! So I look at my two favorite cashiers and ask – “Ok, so what did I do? Mr. Finger just about bored a hole in my forehead and killed me with his dirty looks”

They both laughed and kindly replied “Nothing – he just gets all worked up over his beliefs.” “We asked him if he wanted plastic” chimed the other cashier “He began to give us a 30 minute speech on how much gasoline is used to make a plastic  bag… then he saw you sitting in your car and began to rant and rave even more saying that people like you.. are the ones killing the environment”

Oh – ALL of this because I was sitting in my car? Now – the core of this mans heart had a GOOD concept. That of which is to protect our environment – Mother Earth. However, his way of relaying this point… reflecting this point and sharing his views is so childish, so angry and bitter, and so contorted that it will be a wonder if he is ever known as more than a “kook”.

Had this gentleman approached me and said “Hello, my name is “Mr. Finger” and I noticed you sitting in your car. This is actually very bad for our environment and I’m trying to educate people in the community as to how so. Please take my card and look at my YouTube channel so that you can learn. Have a nice day”.

BAM!!!!! I bet you – I would have given his site the time of day – learned a thing or two and knowing me – I would not sit in my car, with it running, if I were better educated on the harmful effects to the environment.

People are either TOO stressed, to angry or have too much pent-up tension to even know how to function in society these days. It may not be a scenario like “Mr. Finger… It could be someone who BLOWS their horn at you when the light literally JUST turns green. How about those in the grocery store who are waiting in line while you count your change – my goodness – the feet start tapping, you may hear huffing and puffing. Its downright ridiculous and SAD!

I am starting something that I will playfully call “Project Smile” and I want you to do this in your every day lives and PLEASE share with me some of the experiences.

Every time you encounter anyone, but particularly these bitter people – SMILE! Smile at people just to smile. Our world and our society needs this more than anything. We need to get back to a time when you could start up a conversation with a complete stranger and not be looked at as if you were from another planet.

Let me share my story – I was at Nutrition Smart the other day (Ok – they will vouch that I’m there ALL the time) and I saw this lady who just looked sad. Her eyes were skimming the teas and she was all alone. I don’t know her. We will call her “Sally”. I had no clue what was going on in Sally’s life. I grabbed a raw bar off of the shelf directly behind her and turned and smiled and said “HELLO!” “Have you ever tried one of these raw bars?” At first she looked at me like a child getting ready to pet a dog but not sure if he should or not.

“No – What is raw?” I ended up talking her ear off – maybe even a little too much. I smiled – laughed and taught her a few things I am certain she did not know, her face softened and I saw her smile. Her shoulders relaxed and she looked TOTALLY different from when I first approached her.

I set the bar back on the shelf – I had no intention on purchasing this, just used it as an ice breaker and walked off. I could see her looking a little perplexed as to WHY I put the bar back on the shelf. Her mood the rest of the day will tell the answer.

You never know where someone is in life. You never know if they are hurting or just need a friend. Choose your actions wisely my friends. Set out to be a true difference maker in this world and NOT handle things like “Mr. Finger” did yesterday.

Have a great day!

In health and with PASSION! :))))


2 thoughts on “Society is becoming a pressure cooker – lets do our part to let of some steam!

  1. Beth says:

    I absolutely love this and live by it everyday … especially working in retail. Unfortunately we come into contact with angry guests all too frequently. I always try to remember that there may be a valid precipitating factor that is making them upset today and I NEVER take it personally. Who knows what they are dealing with personally and who am I to judge? I just know they are obviously not happy and that makes me sad so I take that opportunity it “kill ’em with kindness”! Love reading your insight!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey Ashley!
    You are so right on!!! We do need to focus more on the possitives in life and not on the negatives. People need to be more approachable and friendly. It is so true when you try to start a conversations with them they do look at you like, “who are you and why are you talking to me”. It makes you wonder what is up with people today! Similiar things happened to me last week, twice! My encounters were from one of the starbucks employees (wesley chapel) and the other was a neighbor. I was starting to wonder if it was me, and it happened both times when I had both of my daughters with me. It is sad that people will get nasty attitudes even infront of children. In my situations I handled them maturely, and then had to walk away because I did not want my girls to have to witness the rudeness that was coming from their mouthes. I know my girls somewhat understood what was going on because they asked me both times why the person was talking so mean. I hope that the two people that I encountered last week will have a better outlook this week and in the future. Well, I know that “Project Smile” will be a great thing for our community and I will definitely do my part to be more aware. I hope to see others reciprocate. Thanks for all the you two do!! BTW… love the camo & black outfit in your pics!!!
    Sarah, Mookee Clothing Co.

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