My “Thought Spot” debut! :)

So here it is… the long-awaited blog. It took me forever to get it started – trying to think of “catchy” titles and such. Eventually I just passed on that and opted for something simple… basic… and real. Its my thought spot. As I grow and mature – I learn to become more in tune with myself. My body, mind and soul. My thoughts. So whether you love them or not – here they are. As real and raw as it gets.

I contemplated for a long time whether to start a new blog or not. I arrived at the obvious decision to do so once I realized that there are so many things I think about – deeper things that I just have to share.  This blog is a preface to what led to me being able to have the confidence – and drive to do what it is I do every day – my “mission of a lifetime”….to motivate and inspire.

I want to  give you a clear picture of  “Ashley”. This will serve to explain a lot of the ways I think – the views I share and my passion that hopefully pours out and becomes crystal clear to you in my blog postings.

We all have things we go through in life – we all have battles we fight, addictions perhaps to overcome, and overall experiences that have led to this very point we are in our lives. We all have a STORY to share and things which we can use to relate to others. These stories and experiences are our vessel to a promising future… or can serve as our demise. That my friends, is up to you.

I believe in “FOCUSING FORWARD” and jumping on the vessel that propels me into a promising future. I do not wish to stew in things of the past and hold resentments which do nothing other than eat you up inside and tear away at your spirit. We all can be “New” again if you allow your experiences to shape and mold you into a better person. A more giving person. A more understanding person. Not foolish or a push over by any means but someone who can relate to others thru our life’s journey.

I’m not living in a dream world – I KNOW this is not easy. In fact, I have first hand experience. While I will not share everything in-depth ( I will save that for my book)  I will tell you, that there have been a few very decisive moments in my life – of which shaped the true character that I was molded into. The passion which burns in my heart for life – for other human beings – are the remnants of a storm at one time.

I have been through losses – I have been through gains. I know what it is like – to give up something so dear and so meaningful that it makes you feel as if your heart were breaking in two -yet to follow a greater plan than we can ever set for ourselves and to press forward through the grief. I know what it is like to dance joyously (with or without people watching – I dont care!) I know what it is like to laugh so hard I cry and to cry so hard I feel as if my very core will give out- that my heart will stop.

I know what it is like – to hold a stranger’s hand and to tell them “It will be ok” and I know what it is like to hold my lovers hand and tell him – “You get me for the rest of your life” (Like it or not!) LOL~  I know what it is like to be angry and to be overjoyed – and sometimes both at the same time.

I know what it is like to get out – rise above and press on – even when surrounded by those who do not believe. I know what it is like to look into a childs eyes and see that all they need is someone to believe… in them.

You see, in life – there are stone paths, thorn paths, slippery paths, soft sand paths and plush paths – they do not go in any particular order – as we travel along this journey called LIFE – we will encounter ALL. It is up to us – do we just keep bare feet and take it – or do we learn, gain strength, and become innovative. Do we blossom, grow, and become wise – or do we just sit and sob..feeling sorry for ourselves.

I look forward to bringing you everything from my light-hearted “goofs” to my deepest innermost thoughts – who knows… you may learn a thing or two – and I from you.

In health and with passion,

~Ashley Nichole

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